Compromised Belief

Now that’s a catchy title!  What happened? It’s stewardship month at my church.  Now by stewardship, we mean managing our time and talents to the best use for spreading the Gospel, but the congregation, and congregations everywhere, sees it as “Put your Money where your Butt is every weekend.”  No, it’s not at the Sports […]


Your reality is not the same as people’s perception of your reality.  And your perception of other people’s reality is not the same as their reality. Confused? What people see of you is partially blinded by incomplete information.  They are not familiar with your world view, all your experiences, your thinking process, your attitude.  All […]

The Impossible (?) Tasks

Give me an Impossible Task.  I DARE YOU!  “She won’t be able to walk very far on that leg, or run or jump or climb for that matter.”  “But she’s only 3!” I walked, ran, jumped, climbed, hiked, and danced ballet and tap.  Pfft Impossible? Not even close “You know you can’t be proficient on more […]

Deep Thought

Deep Thought, the super computer in the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had one major task.  It was to find the meaning of life, the universe and everything. And the answer was…  Hahahaaaaaa!  you have to actually watch the video to see what the answer was.  I’m so mean. Here’s the thing.  I have […]

Ponderings about proof

Two quotes in quick succession got me thinking. Proof is unnecessary to believers, and impossible to skeptics.  (I paraphrased that.) Reason is not automatic.  Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it.  What is the burden of proof then?  We use it for so many things.  We use it to define scientific principles.  We […]