Us vs. Them

Think back…centuries ago, millennia ago.  We were once 1 people.  We looked alike; we sounded alike; we all lived in the same community.  The community got too big to sustain and we needed to split off.  No problem.  It was like cell mitosis.  Some of us had to move to greener pastures for the benefit […]

But Not today

I know I’m going to die…but not today I should do my dishes…but not today I may lose 60 pounds…but not today I will tell my loved ones I love them…but not today. Why not? Can you really plan for the future?  We’re not talking goals and dreams, we’re talking plans.  You can plan for […]


Now that I have your attention… People have evolved from their Victorian Morality.  Sex is just a physical activity that all creatures do, like eating and sleeping.  It has no connotations of anything deeper than satisfying a physical need. I disagree.  For some reason, we have downgraded sex to a physical action that releases hormones […]

Taking Steps toward Leadership–Do you think for yourself?

If I were to post some quotes from people in politics regarding issues in the news, platforms, or perspectives, would you have to know the speaker before you made a choice as to whether to agree or disagree? Why do we listen to celebrities on political points?  Does their celebrity indicate independent thought, research, deep […]

Disturbing the Arrow

Yes, I watch the stupid show, but there are aspects of it that keep me coming back.  Why do the Meta humans only go to Central City instead of being distributed throughout the world?  Some show up in Star (Starling) City, but not many.  Why don’t the League of Assassins invade Central City?  Pretty sure […]