Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Growth

Think about all the leaders you know.  Have they all “arrived” at their positions?  They are CEO’s and captains of industry.  They are powerful speakers in the church.  They are pillars of the community.  They have seminars that people pay thousands of dollars to attend.  What is the one thing they have in common?  Charles “Tremendous” […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Wanna write a book?

Everyone has stories, insights, inspiration.  How many people do they affect?  Only the people that share their stories, insights and inspiration actually affect people.  How does a person affect the largest number of people?  Write a book/blog/movie/play/poem.  Make a painting/sculpture/photo.  Write a song/symphony/sonata/choral piece.  Choreograph/perform a dance.  Just like a million other people out there. […]