Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Good significance or bad?

We were discussing living a life of significance by design.  Sometimes, people fall into significant roles.  Leaders emerge, the planets align, there’s a roll of the dice and something that would seem insignificant suddenly takes on a new purpose. Take the case of Schindler, the Nazi who saved 1200 Jews from execution.  He led an […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Wanna write a book?

Everyone has stories, insights, inspiration.  How many people do they affect?  Only the people that share their stories, insights and inspiration actually affect people.  How does a person affect the largest number of people?  Write a book/blog/movie/play/poem.  Make a painting/sculpture/photo.  Write a song/symphony/sonata/choral piece.  Choreograph/perform a dance.  Just like a million other people out there. […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–significance

Success is defined as the continuous journey toward the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals.  What is significance?  Significance means you enhance the lives of others around you for generations.  A kindergarten teacher imparts love of school, teaches and models first lessons of social behavior, introduces the concepts of discipline and schedules, and encourages curiosity.  I […]