Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Imagination

Thanks Christian for the inspiration. Imagination is seeing beyond what you see.  That doesn’t make sense.  Hmmm.  Imagination is seeing what lies beneath the surface.  No, not really.  Ummm.  Ok, Imagination is the ability to put people into a what-if scenario and know what happens.  Well?  Not entirely.  It’s a talent that you can’t develop–either […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–self improvement

Remember when Self Improvement was all the rage?  How long ago was that?  Oh, wait, it’s on going.  I heard something surprising yesterday. “People are imperfect beings.  Striving for perfection is impossible because the goal is unreachable.  Perfection will not assure your destination is heaven, only grace can do that; so I don’t self-improve anymore.” […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–I didn’t have a choice

The only ways you can’t be backed into a corner are 1. no walls or 2. a round room.  I’m seeing a lot of situations when someone does something terribly dangerous, terribly wrong, or terribly stupid and when asked why, the perpetrator of these deeds replies, “I had NO CHOICE!” Then something disastrous takes place. […]