What’s really out there?

Laws of Thermodynamics…Inertia.  If it’s moving, it keeps moving, and if it isn’t, it doesn’t.  The dense dust and gas in the Orion nebula is 600 ATOMS per cubic centimeter.  Would there be enough energy or interaction between atoms to merit a change in behavior of these atoms?  Do these atoms move?  Do they move […]


Aunty Em!  Aunty Em! Why is that witch riding a bicycle? I can see my house from here… Over there, over there, and up there. Wear a helmet so you won’t get killed by a toilet. Why do so many people in tornado alley have no basement? Rain.  Raw power. Hail.  Destruction. Wind that shakes […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–FIRED!

I’ve been fired.  Multiple times.  Multiple businesses and schools.  Business firings are different than school firings.  You may be “downsized” or laid off.  You might be fired for cause or RIF’ed.  The HR department asks you to step into the conference room where there’s a mahogany table with a very prominent box of Kleenex near […]