The Swirl is REAL! What if you’re in the swirl?  What if you keep going around and around and you start recognizing things you’ve seen before?  What if you become extremely dizzy?  What if not everything is swirling at the same speed?  What if you can’t identify what you’re swirling with and keep running into it? That happens […]

The High Cost of Love

She’s expecting something big.  We’ve been going out for 6 months now.  She may be THE ONE!  What if I get her something she doesn’t like?  What if I get her something practical when she’s expecting something romantic?  What if she gets me something really expensive…won’t I look cheap? I can’t get them just another […]

Christmas Spending

This is from Seth Godin’s Blog: Situational spending Consider: You’re on the plane, headed home after a conference. The flight attendant says, “This flight is oversold, and we’re paying people $300 to take the flight that leaves in an hour.” Do you stay in your seat? You’re at the gate, different city, different flight. The […]

David and Goliath

This came upon me when I was in Bible Study.  We were talking about David and how he got into Saul’s life.  Saul had done some stupid things, so Samuel, the prophet, had to anoint a new king to take his place.  He went to Bethlehem telling everyone he was there to perform a sacrifice.  […]

Fatal Accidents

Tragic accident:  little toddler accidentally aspirates some baby oil.  Baby oil in the lungs is a VERY bad thing!  He didn’t make it.  I cried.  Wasn’t my kid, but I cried.  Turns out he’s not the only kid who’s aspirated baby oil.  But what was completely off my radar were some of the responses. “There […]

Jealous? YES dammit

I must be the worst blogger ever.  I follow several people and faithfully read all their blogs.  “I have been blogging for 7 months and now have 500 followers…”  “I have been blogging for 2 years and only have 10,000 followers, what am I doing wrong?”  I have boosted my blog, I mention it in […]