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That time between day and night–

between Sleep and awake.

That time when magic doesn’t seem so farfetched.

It’s when day creatures seek shelter

When night creatures seek food.

It’s when people yearn for a crackling fire

and just sit and listen to the frogs and the crickets.

Every once in a while the hoot of an owl or

the high whine of mosquito will break the reverie.

It’s the time your mind wanders to

“could be” and soars above the

average and ordinary.

It’s so fleeting.

It’s day, it’s sunset,

Twilight for a blink and then,


Just sit. Be in the moment.

Be aware of the sounds,

the smells, the feel of the cool breeze,

or the warm, humid air that barely moves.

Watch the lightning bugs, the bats,

the late night birds.

Let your mind go. Imprint this on your consciousness

so you can go here anytime you want.

Because Twilight is not a time, it’s a place.

6 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Oh, how I love this! I hung on to every word because your piece brings on such fond memories. Yes, twilight is a place, and a magical one, as well.


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