It’s HOT!

The sky is Blue!

The birds are panting

It’s true…

A time for swimming

sprinkler or hose

covered in sunscreen

from head to toes!

Last night was Thunder

Today is wind

The rain, sporadic

Dead branches thinned.

An open field

horizon far

my kite’s aloft

My soul, ajar.

Snow is melted

Skies not grey

Plants are blooming

To the end of May.

The smell of “new”

release from cold

New thoughts to plant

New goals to mold.

A sea of white

Air crisp and clear

The brown is covered

Silence, I hear.

The Earth at rest

the snowflakes drift

Some time to think

Repair the rift.

A riot of color!

Bright leaves float down

Revealing branches

more grey than brown.

A hint of cool

the fire to quench

The harvest smells

Our senses drench.

But today, it’s HOT.

We celebrate!

The year has passed


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