Remember: Birthdays are good as long as you still have them.

That was a quote from my favorite author, A. Nonymous.

So many times we can get caught up in the day to day crap we go through that we can’t see the long view.  Forest for the Trees syndrome.  At my tender age, yesterday was sometime in May.  I blinked and it was snowing.  All the babies I “goo goo’d” in March are crawling and have personalities.  All the toddlers I held on my lap are in college.  My piano students are married and now have kids of their own…and grand kids.

Have you ever set goals, with great intentions and aspirations, made plans, and were surprised that the deadline was Tomorrow?  Where did the time go?  Take the NaNoWriMo challenge for instance.  30 days, 50,000 words.  That’s a mere 1600 words a day.  I do that in my blogs.  It’s not daunting.  It’s the 13th.  We should be at 21,000 words now.  I’m at 8700.  Just 41,300 to go.  Gah.  I’d be further along if I hadn’t written myself into a corner.

By Thanksgiving, I should have my office cleaned up and turned more into a library.  Wait!  Thanksgiving is 10 days away?  I made this goal February of 2017!

I usually start my Christmas cooking in June…  Pickles, bread, and jellies, then adding cookies, stuffing bread, cranberry sauce, chicken stock for gravy, squash soup, pie fillings along the way so that on Thanksgiving and Christmas, all I have to do is pour, heat, and eat.  About the only actual cooking I have to do on the day is the turkey, sweet potatoes, and veggies.  I have made nothing at this point.

Make no mistake, I don’t procrastinate.  I have the goal firmly in mind.  I know what I have to do each day.  But…Facebook.  Blacklist.  They suck me in.  We’ve heard this argument before.  “It wasn’t me, it was that woman you gave me.”  “It wasn’t me, it was that snake.”  Hsssssssss.  (Which is snake for “I don’t even like apples.”)

What drives me absolutely bonkers is goals set for me by someone else who doesn’t know my talents or my tribulations. “Well, since you’re a music major, we’ll just make a 5-year plan.”  I didn’t have 5 years, I had 4.  Then they have to argue that no you couldn’t possibly use a different plan.  So yes, I got my degree in 4 years (calendar years, I had to go to summer school to pick up some hours and took really heavy loads during the regular school year because they didn’t let me know it was a 5 year program until after I’d finished my 3rd year.)  “We’ll start slowly…say you lose 1-2 pounds/week.”  Bastid!  And no, if I’d have been able to lose 1-2 pounds/week, I’d weigh 10 pounds now.  Even if it was 1-2 pounds/month it would have been better…down nearly 48 pounds.  I’m actually up about 10 since I started.

Now it isn’t that I have misprioritized my goals.  I tend to work on things based on the current importance.  I don’t feel good.  I feel awkward and imbalanced and my back gets stiff when I take hikes.  I adore hikes.  I can walk about 8-10 min now before my back stiffens up and hurts bad enough that I have to sit.  I used to walk 8-10 miles.  Now I’m not saying it was without pain, but it was muscle pain in the legs like you’d expect, not a stiffness that prevented movement like I have now.

Iceberg lake trail is 9 km one way.  We hiked it when my youngest was 5 years old.  It was a 6 hour hike altogether.  At my current pace, it would be over 6 hours one way.  I’d probably have to be airlifted out.  So I have prioritized my goals to the one…lose weight, release weight, get in shape, (wait, round is a shape…) all the euphemisms that describe how a person over 200 pounds gets to 130 or so.

*This is NOT a solicitation of solutions to my situation!  See above.

When I’m not exercising, I am working on one of the other goals.  Then writing about working on it.  Then taking a well deserved break to get some inspiration, and…Blacklist.  Or NCIS, or Criminal Minds, or CSI, or Facebook.  Boom!  I’ve lost an afternoon!  Blink!  I’ve lost a month! Look up from my book!  It’s Wednesday?  Which Wednesday?  It’s snowing?!!!

The solution is obvious.  Get rid of distractions.  Disconnect the TV.  Unsubscribe from Facebook.  But…but…Baby pictures.  Sherlock Holmes.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs.  Oooooo! Trees!



One thought on “Remember: Birthdays are good as long as you still have them.

  1. I have accepted that this is the year I get nothing done. But for some reason, I still thought I could make the nieces Xmas presents. I started in September and I only have one mostly done, one partly done, one that might be a birthday present?!? But I had to make samples for upcoming classes that no one is going to take. And I got inspired to make a bunch of other presents using some fancy yarn (for ppl who aren’t going to appreciate how nice this yarn is). And right now I’m on Facebook, not doing anything except occasionally stopping my son from landing on his head. 🙄


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