What is a liberal?

“Of or befitting a man of free birth,” is the archaic definition.

“Given or provided in a generous and openhanded way,” like a liberal portion of honey spread on toast…

BROAD-MINDED  especially not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms.”

That doesn’t sound too bad does it.  Rather enlightened actually!  How is this word now demonized?  It has come to represent people of means giving generously to people without.  We call that charity.  Charity is a trait of good character in the bible.  The fact is charity is a voluntary act of love toward your fellow man.  Isn’t that a lovely picture?

What is a conservative?

“One who conserves–like end-of-year fruits and vegetables canned for the winter months.”

“One who saves up for future needs.”

The news, by it’s core function, is to present facts without any bias.  It is not to be bound by authoritarianism and not influenced by emotional issues.  Yet the news is lumped together with other media.  What is media then?  It is a means of communication by word of mouth, writing (either poetry or prose), music, visual, art…the list goes on.  Books, editorials, music, movies and dance all REQUIRE some element of emotion to carry the message.  All of those types of media are censored, censured, and threatened by authority, orthodoxy, and tradition.  This is one aspect of American Idol that bothers me…the fact that many acts would be and could be in and of themselves amazing!  But in order to become popular, they have to fit into the mold represented by the judges and the audiences.  News is not supposed to be like that.  In this country, you can have a Liberal Media–something that explores the generous rights and privileges we all enjoy.  You can also have Conservative Media.  You go to a Conservatory to study music from the masters.  You study the composers of time past and attempt to write in that style before you can experiment with your own music.  The purpose of the Conservatory is to document, save, study and perform music from all of the previous eras.  So the Conservative Media is anxious to relate current events to past events in order to achieve consistency or to avoid problems experienced in similar situations.  Neither description would fit our current state of affairs.

The “Liberal Media” makes it it’s purpose to assure that everything that is labeled as “Conservative” is demonized as anti-poor, anti-minority, pro-rich and pro-powerful and every piece of legislation and every act by corporations or those in the management are looked askance as detrimental to the general good of the people.  The “Conservative Media” demonizes the “Liberals” as Far Left, irresponsible, irrational people that want to dismantle the constitution and flood the economy with illegals, drug addicts, and those too lazy to work expecting hand outs and special privileges.  Both of these models of news programs make appearances more important than facts.  How do institutions and charities combat that?  They concentrate on their appearances.  This puts their purposes in second or third place behind the appearance of the organization.  So if a charity wanted to put on the best face possible with the public, it would pay no more than $80,000 to its CEO, make every position possible volunteer and unpaid, and donations would go 90% to the research.  Now if you could run an organization with 1000’s of employees and millions of dollars of revenue and get paid $1.2 million, or work for this charity with the same number for $80,000, which would you choose?  Would you trust someone making only $80,000 to run the organization well?  I’d be nervous.  If you could work for a company that paid you $50,000 annually, or do exactly the same job as a volunteer, would you work for free?  You’d have to have a second full time job to pay for your charity work and that would be over 80 hours a week.  What this bias does is changes the focus of organizations, politicians, and corporations from getting the job done to how it LOOKS to get the job done.

It’s time we throw off this very inaccurate categorization of philosophies!  Vote for the character of the candidate, their positions on critical issues to you.  Watch for demonizing words.  Those are put in the speeches to attract or repel certain elements in the constituency.  Watch their actions.  Pay attention to how they vote.  We have the government we have because 46% of the populace DID NOT VOTE.

Anyone that says that we should support our “leaders” in congress doesn’t understand the concepts.  We don’t elect people to lead us.  We elect people who already have leadership capabilities to SERVE us.  The President is the Leader of the Free World.  But he’s not in charge.  Congress writes and passes laws that serve in OUR best interest, so they work for us.  They’re not in charge.  We do not have direct influence on the Judiciary because, like the news, they’re supposed to be impartial and cannot bend to authority, orthodoxy, or traditional forms and neither can they bend to emotional appeals and irrational thought.  They deal with the constitution and law.  Even so, they are not our leaders.  They are supposed to make decisions and laws based on what will serve the people best.

The worst problem comes up when the government gets involved in moral issues.  You absolutely cannot legislate morality.  You need to be brainwashed at an early age by your family and your belief system to develop your perspective on life and your values and character.  Crimes against the society include murder, assault and battery, bearing false witness (lying under oath), robbery and burglary.  Anything outside those categories cannot be quantified or qualified enough to have hard and fast rules.  And these moral issues are precisely the issues that come under scrutiny of the Liberal and Conservative media.  The best test is this:  ______________ is evil UNLESS…  If there’s an “unless” clause, it’s a moral issue.  Why is bearing false witness included?  Because if you lie and an innocent person is charged, that is wrong.  If you lie and a guilty person escapes charges, that is also wrong.

It is time for news shows and politicians to get back to facts.  No Spin.  No editorializing.  “This happened in the economic markets today.”  No speculation, no talking heads.  “This is what I believe and my main focus for my term in office.”  No mention of the other people in the race.  No denigration of the current office holder.  Then the Liberal and Conservative media can talk about celebrity weddings.


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