Ethics 101

This is the scene:

Small rural community in Midwest, new chicken processing plant going in nearby.  What are the first thoughts?

  1. Oooo!  new people!  That will help boost our school, increase our revenue base for our community, bring more money into our economy, and bring new people to our part of the state.  I love it!
  2. There’s bad news?  All the people that will be coming in are illegals.  They will not be permanent citizens, they won’t speak the language, they will not contribute to the tax base even though their children will be enrolled in the school.  Our school rooms will become crowded and there won’t be enough materials for the students.  It won’t change our budget.  The only people profiting from this situation are the people that can charge rent, and those that although they pay salaries, need not pay benefits because these will be part time workers putting in less than 2000 hours of labor per year.

What is a community to do?  We want to encourage growth in our community, but growth comes at a price.  What if we do not allow illegals to take jobs from legal citizens who have made a choice to go through the naturalization process?  What if we do not allow people to take advantage of the situation and rent to illegals.  “I dunno if we wanna open THAT can of worms.  Let’s let the citizens vote on this.  Oh and don’t tell the presssss… oh crap, they already have heard about it.”

“If you don’t allow illegals to work or live in the area, you’re RACIST!  Must keep Brown people Out!  You rednecks!  How could you deny their RIGHTS?”  What rights?  They’re not here legally, so legally, they don’t have rights.

How does this controversy devolve into a race thing?  What if these illegals were Swedish or German or Czech?  SAME STORY!  They’re temporary residents, they don’t or won’t speak the language, they pay no taxes and yet get the benefits of being citizens in our town.  Yes, they spend their money here, but though it may benefit the local businesses, it doesn’t benefit the town.

What was stressed in the radio program that was sensationalizing this decision was that the town was 95-97% white.  Uh Oh!  Racists!!!!  What?  Now if they were campaigning to keep African Americans or Native Americans from coming in and taking jobs from law-abiding, good Christian White folk, you might have a case.  But that is NOT the situation.  Has it occurred to anyone that not all Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Filipinos, Guatemalans, etc. are illegals?  No?  Why not?  There are many in this country that have gone through the citizenship process.  So if we have a whole Herd of Hispanics enter into this community, and they are LEGAL citizens, they will not be deprived of the right to housing, schools, roads, police and fire protection, or the right to work.  They have earned that right in becoming US citizens.  We are denying these privileges to people who have circumvented the law.

What if we denied people permission to drive on our roads if they don’t pay the gas tax?  What would happen if we denied people accessibility of  local schools to their children because they didn’t pay their property taxes?  How would we protect ourselves if we didn’t pay our income taxes–no national guard, no representation in government, no judicial system, no schools, no Medicare or Medicaid, and no social security.  “Nope, Bob, you didn’t pay your taxes this year.  Your Mom has to pay for her own broken hip ($85,000), you should have saved more in your IRA because that’s all you have to retire on.  If you want your kids to learn English, Math and Science, you’ll have to pay a tutor about $40/day (it has to at least be comparable to day care.)  There will be more potholes on the interstate than the dirt roads…”  Yet we get incensed if someone who has no legal standing is denied these basic “rights.”  I’m sorry, they’re not rights they have the ability to exercise since they aren’t citizens.

Our immigration process is slow and terribly inefficient.  We should just break the law to make it work.  Um…wha?

I’m sorry, our judicial system is slow and terribly inefficient.  Anyone who’s caught murdering should be lynched immediately, and those caught in the act of stealing should have parts cut off.  We should just break the law to make it work.

Oh heck, our educational system is low quality and terribly inefficient.  To make it more efficient, let’s put more children in each classroom.  Let’s require extra tests and more debt for the teachers to be better qualified to teach (That’s another blog right there), let’s skimp on supplies and programs and insist that the teachers teach not only basics that they can’t get at home, but life skills, philosophy that is vague to the point of ridiculousness, and social skills in a shortened school day.  We should just break the system to make it work.

If the system doesn’t work, FIX IT!  Quit dancing around the problem!  It is not up to this little town in the Midwest to fix the immigration problem; it is up to this little town to protect its own economy and its public services.  The impact of a large number of illegals moving in is catastrophic.  We might not notice this type of impact in a larger city, though it would exist.  If the new business cannot hire illegals, and the local real estate owners cannot rent or sell to illegals, then when people who have a vested interest in the town move in, the town grows healthily.  If not, there is a cascade of issues that will eventually turn the town into a ghost town.


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