Cool Water

This was such a sad entry!  I wanted to take the same prompt and turn it around.

It’s so hot.  I can feel the air in my lungs burning.  I press on.  One foot in front of the other.  The reflection off the rock burns my arms and my face.  I thought it would be cooler in the mountains.  I thought there’d be snow.  Not today.  Not yesterday, and it looks like the rest of this week will be just as unbearable.

The guide said this white rock is Tuff, and because it is a white-ish rock, it reflects sunlight very very well.  I’m getting blisters and now my eyes are watering.  It’s so hot!  Even my tears seem hot on my skin.  Maybe my face is also blistering.  My kingdom for a tree!!!  The breeze coming off the side of the mountain is hot.  “Don’t worry,” says the guide.  (He doesn’t have to worry, he has a hat and long sleeves and sun glasses.  I hate him.)  “When we come around the bend over there, we’ll be on the sea side of the mountain.”  You mean that bend way over there?  I grab my water bottle.  Oh great.  Hot water.  Well, it’s still wet.  I drink some.  It still tastes like iodine and jolly rancher watermelon. It doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to the top than we were 2 hours ago.

Finally, we approach the bend in the trail.  We have a sense of something green in the landscape.  We walk on a level path and round the corner and…

Acres and Acres of tiny wild flowers!  There’s suddenly the sound of wind going through trees and there, just a little way from us is a copse of trees!  I hear a brook!  It’s cold, clear beautiful!  I dump out my water, and drink.  Cool water.  Everything is beautiful now.  I may live.


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