Why Martinez?

I’m not questioning Scott Frost’s decisions, I’m wondering how this works.

Adrian Martinez is a “true freshman” which is football speak for a kid who just graduated from HS and is 3 months later the quarterback of a nationally recognized college football team with a brand new coach.  From what I understand, his understudy found out he wasn’t going to get the starting position and took his ball and transferred.  If he’d stayed, he might have been able to pull the game out in those last few moments and been a hero.  And with Martinez’s injuries, he might have started another couple of games as well.  But he couldn’t follow Martinez.

How can a kid with no college experience, new to the program, and wet behind the ears earn the respect and trust of people who’ve been in the system for 3 years already?  How do you get that much influence on people you’ve just met?  How does a walk-on become #2 quarterback and earn enough respect and trust to finish out the game?  They did come close to scoring several times.  These are brand new people to the program.  Where are last year’s Juniors/Sophomores/Red-shirt freshmen quarterbacks?  They must have been training someone for the position.  How soon did they know Adrian was going to sign with them?  If he hadn’t, what would they have done for a quarterback?

To be honest, if some kid came in and was given the leadership spot and I didn’t have some sort of personal relationship with the guy, I’d resent it.  Why would I, someone with several years in the program, used to the work-out routines, and knowing how the rest of the team works and thinks, take orders from this hot shot?  He’d have an uphill battle to be sure.  And yet…there he was.

He was leading the team.  They were following.  They started working as a unit.  What is it about this kid that gives him this power?  Must investigate deeper!


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