The Impossible (?) Tasks

Give me an Impossible Task.  I DARE YOU! 

“She won’t be able to walk very far on that leg, or run or jump or climb for that matter.”  “But she’s only 3!”

I walked, ran, jumped, climbed, hiked, and danced ballet and tap.  Pfft Impossible? Not even close

“You know you can’t be proficient on more than one instrument, right?”

I play them all thank you very much.

“You know it’s impossible for you to be a teacher…you’re too weird”

50 years of teaching as of today.

You understand it’s impossible to finish 8 hours of education course work in 5 weeks.

I made them all sign my completion computer page when I did it in 4 1/2.

“It’s impossible to test out of sight singing and ear training.  In the history of this college, it hasn’t even been offered.”

Passed it.  In fact, I was the 1st one to pass both semesters.  One part of the test involved listening to a Bach Chorale and transcribing the melody and bass lines.  I transcribed all the parts, then went back and analyzed the chords.

“You cannot pass the series 26 with just 1 month’s study and certainly not the series 65.  Those are 3-4 hour tests!  No, it’s impossible to study for the 65 before you’ve taken the 26.” (These are very difficult tests that stock brokers take for principal’s and investment adviser representative’s licenses.)

I passed the 26 on my first try and then passed the 65 2 weeks later.

Ha Ha HAAAAAA!  Take That you doubters!

Oh yeah?  Then go do your dishes.

Oh crap.

Oh really…  Clean your office.

Oh, no…

I thought not.  Now lose those 58 pounds.

I start to cry.  Now THOSE are impossible.  My trainer set a very reasonable goal of losing 2 pounds/week.  I went home and sobbed into my pillow and nearly quit going to the gym totally.  I knew I couldn’t lose 2 pounds in a year let alone 2 in a week.  How many years have I been trying to get down below 200 pounds now?  Over 8 years, 4 years since I started blogging at least.  I was at 203, now at 212.  It’s going UP.  I haven’t given up though.

Why do these mundane, ordinary things that anybody can do seem impossible to me?  Oh well…maybe I can’t really do those other things either.  I’m just deluding myself.  But I did those things.  I have the proof.

“It’s impossible to graduate with a BME when you’ve transferred from another school in anything less than a total of 5 years.  Nobody graduates in 4 years…”

Well, I started in 1973 and graduated in 1977 with a 3.67.

“You realize it’s impossible for a music major to take Calculus and get any kind of grade.  One of them has to suffer: either you spend your time where you should and practice or you get your homework done.”

Got an A in Calculus, and Music History 20th century, and Advance music theory, and Renaissance Literature (English not music), Percussion/string/woodwind/brass methods and Band and a B+ in my applied instrument.  Oh, and only performance majors got A’s, Education majors were expected to get C’s and B-‘s.  And I was in the #1 band, the Renaissance ensemble, and the Madrigal recorder quartet.

“Wait, you?  Write a book?  Impossible!”

Written and published 4.

Can I clean my bathroom?  Impossible.

So what I have learned is that when Impossible is defined by someone else, I find it adorable that they don’t believe I can accomplish it.  But when Impossible is defined by me, these same people are confused as to why such common things, such easy things I consider impossible.  To be honest, I am confused too.

Then I read these twitter messages about the impossible task.  (It’s one of the symptoms of depression that keep you from getting out of bed, applying for a job, changing the baby, washing the dishes…)  They fit me to a T.  Depression set its own definitions of impossible, and then my own brain betrayed me and believed these characterizations.  That was not enough though.  My brain applied this “impossible task” definition to everything I do now and every thing I dideven if I had successfully completed these tasks beyond anyone’s expectations.  Stupid depression.

But now I know.  Nothing is impossible with God.  I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.  If I believe that I’m not alone doing these self-named impossible things, I could actually succeed.  We will see.  Now when I look at my sink full of dishes, I can smile when I say, “Oh yeah.  This is one of those impossible tasks.  I’m all over that!  Bring it on!”



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