Revelation–When did you meet me?

You’ve seen those things on Facebook:  Using a single word, write when you met me.  I decided rather than ignoring this invitation, I’d post it.  My kids responded with “hospital.”  But I met them before that.  When I was carrying them in my womb, I knew their personality, I knew where they were ticklish, I knew what they liked in music.  In fact, I knew my youngest girl had near-perfect pitch before she could sing.  When I was directing the Sweet Adelines, if they sang out of tune, her little foot would jab me in the ribs until it was fixed.  All my kids were exposed to music before they were born, and they all reacted differently.  All my kids were active and loved when I was dancing.  (I taught ballet while pregnant.  It REALLY throws off you center of gravity!!!)

Why bring that up?  My kids knew me before they were born.  They heard my heart beat, they heard me speak and sing.  They could tell when I was dancing.  They heard me laugh.  They could feel my tickles.  But they had no idea what I looked like and what life outside the womb was like.  The one connection was me.  After they were born, they could still hear my heartbeat, my voice as I sang and spoke and laughed, and could feel my tickles and hugs.  It was different though.  There were oh so many more sounds and smells and sights.  There were feelings of hunger, wet, too loud, and unidentified voices.  Gradually, as the mom, I introduced this new world to my children.

In Jeremiah 1:5 God says He knew us before we were formed in the womb.  We knew Him too.  Once we’re born, it’s hard to find Him because even though He hasn’t left us, we don’t recognize Him when we see Him.  When you’re in the womb, your inputs are limited.  You can hear, but not see.  You can eat, but not taste.  You can move but touch is limited.  You cannot smell.  How does God communicate?  Same as He does for people living outside the womb.  He is a presence in your mind and heart.  It’s a comforting presence: a feeling of love and safety.  After you’re born, you can get that feeling of closeness by prayer and meditation.  We also have the word of God at our fingertips and that helps us to translate what he tells us into something we can understand.  It’s like that cute Dr. Seuss book:  Red Fish Blue Fish.  “Oh!  so that’s a FISH and it is RED!”

When you get older, you don’t remember what it was like in the womb.  You can’t describe how it felt or how it sounded.  That is not a current part of your life.  Many times people relegate that to God as well.  He was there, and He knew you before you were born.  He is here, and He knows you better than you could know yourself.  But if you don’t seek Him, if you can’t feel Him in your heart because you don’t look for that feeling, you could deny His existence.  There is no rationale, no logic that can direct you to something that is already deeply embedded in your being.  Rationality and logic led people to believe the world was flat.  There is so much information we can perceive, and we are still looking to interpret this into something we can understand.  When the Church tells us about the natural world, it is man’s version of God’s world.  When the scientific community tells us about the natural world, it is STILL man’s version of God’s world.  Every new discovery is like another piece of the puzzle that we won’t see completed until we get to heaven.  What a glorious picture that will be!

So if you’re tempted sometimes to say that God does not exist, look within yourself.  That one piece of you that you don’t recognize, that would be Him.


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