Revelation–Prosperity Gospel

God is a LOVING God.  He would never condemn a person to Hell no matter how bad the person is because God is a Merciful God.  He would never allow an innocent child to go to hell.  He would not condemn a good man or woman that did lots of charity work to Hell.  He wouldn’t condemn people outside the Christian religion just because their religion doesn’t conform to what Christians think is the way to heaven–there are as many ways to heaven as there are people.  So since we don’t have to worry about going to heaven, let’s consider what it takes to bring heaven to earth.  All you have to do is believe hard enough, pray hard enough, and DONATE hard enough and you can be rich and healthy.  Here are the bible verses…ya, and of course don’t look at the material before or afterwards because then you’d have to put them in context.  Whoops.

God is a JUST God.  He is a merciful God, but you have to ask for mercy.  You have to ask for mercy because ANY sin is still a sin.  There are no varying degrees of sinfulness.  They’re not ranked.  You either sin or you don’t.  And just so you know, you don’t BECOME sinful.  There’s no on/off switch that with proper upraising, study and self discipline you can STAY sinless as a baby.  The nature of humanity is sinful.  We can’t help it.  We can’t tell the difference between good and evil because that line was blurred before we were born.  And Jesus says, “No one comes to the Father except by ME!”  Look that up in context.  “I am the way the truth and the Light.”  He doesn’t say “I’m one of the millions of ways, the factual and the not dark.”  So I tend to think of Christianity as the only religion that will get me to heaven.  I don’t think anyone is more sinful than I am, I just think I’ve found the forgiveness of God, and they haven’t.  BAM!  There goes my friend list.

Now that I have infuriated all my Atheist and non Christian readers, it’s time to exasperate my Christian readers.  Leave no stone unturned I always say.  So all you Christians have to do is Believe hard enough, Pray hard enough and Donate hard enough.  If you are doubting anything your preacher says, you don’t believe enough.  If you spend 2 minutes OFF your knees, you aren’t praying hard enough.  If you have ANY money in your wallet and don’t give it to the church you are a selfish bastid and are not worthy of God’s blessings.  Ummmm.  If that were true, why were Paul and Peter and James and Stephen and nearly all the rest of the apostles beaten, flogged, drowned, stoned, run out of town, starved, ship wrecked, imprisoned, exiled and excommunicated?  Why were there martyrs at all?  Why are there STILL martyrs?  Are poor Christians poor Christians?  Are they unworthy of God’s blessings because they’re not good enough Christians?  How about Mother Theresa?  Did she live in a multi million dollar mansion and just visit the poorest of the poor in India?  Do Christians go bankrupt?  Do they suffer disease?  Do they have accidents?  Of course they do.  The abundant life they live is not connected to things, it’s a connection to God.  Yes, Job got a family and his possessions back and more.  But he got a one on one conversation with God 1st.  Not one of the disciples retired.  If you are blessed with LOTS of money, it’s because God needs you to do something for him that requires money.  If you are blessed with a great speaking ability, then God needs you to do something for him that requires a great speaking ability.  If you are a 1st rate thief, stop.  That’s not something God gave you.

There are few people that get through life without some sort of trouble.  You are a witness to God when you’re well, but also a witness if you aren’t.  You are a witness to God when you financially well off, but also a witness if you’re poor.  It’s how you approach prosperity and how you face disaster.  If they can see Jesus through you, then you’re doing it right.  So just to be clear, believing enough and praying enough and donating enough are RESPONSES to God’s grace and mercy, not the price.  The end game is the Heavenly life, not the life here on Earth.  Look up Matthew 6:1-24.  Where does it indicate that the opinions of men are important?  Then why is the size of your house or your car important?  Oh, that brings a new perspective in then doesn’t it.

If it is easy to be a Christian, you’re probably not doing it right.  No, you’re not guaranteed “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” because now you’re God’s pet.  More likely you’re guaranteed obstacles and challenges, but it’s OK because you’re not alone when you face them.  God will be with you every step of the way.  He won’t make it easier for you, or shorter, or less painful, but He won’t abandon you either.  Your reward isn’t in the here and now, it’s in the hereafter.

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