Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Build a better world

Did you know they don’t sell homes at Home Depot?  Did you know that 4 by 4’s were actually 3.5 x 3.5?  Did you know that when people feel victimized, they will go to the wrong people to get it sorted out?

There was this girl with pink hair who went to the city council because her Thanksgiving was ruined.  Yep.  Traditional Thanksgiving dinner was a whole bunch of chicken nuggets and about 20 McRib sandwiches from McDonald’s, and the local McDonald’s decided not to sell McRibs.

There was a person that decided to sue the lumber yard because the 4 by 4’s he got for a project were 3.5 x 3.5’s.  He didn’t understand that the drying process comes after the measurement.  He didn’t even ask if this was normal practice.  He could have probably gleaned this information by talking to a contractor or a Industrial Ed teacher or just measuring in more than one lumber yard.

There’s a whole set of labels posted on the media that state the obvious…”Do not iron shirt while wearing it.”  “Before washing shirt, remove child.”  “Do not use chainsaw near genitals.”

We have a whole society based on the premise that Somebody should DO something about this.  It means somebody besides me.  Here, do my thinking for me.  Here solve my problems for me.  Why on EARTH would there need to be a self help section in the book store, and Why on EARTH would you have to ask where it was?  Then when you look there, the most popular books are “xxxxxxxx for Dummies” books.  Law for Dummies?  Are you crazy?  Why would you want a dumb lawyer?  It is written for people with an assumed background in the area of 0–No experience, no teacher, no research before reading the book.  There’s nothing wrong with that; people have to start somewhere.  The assumption is that if this is the 1st book you’re reading on the subject, you’re not very bright.  People light up and smile when they see these books.  “OOOOOOO!  I’m a dummy!” they say.  “I can know everything I need to know by reading this one book!”  I wonder how many people actually finish the book once they’ve started?  Picture this one: How education reformers can capitalize on current portfolio management model implementations as a viable and equitable urban education reform strategy for Dummies. Or this one:  Measurement of the radiative lifetime of the 2s2 2p4 1So metastable level of Ne2+; a study of forbidden transitions of astrophysical interest for Dummies.  You know you can get that one on line?

When we build a better world, what do we teach our citizens?  We teach them how to be good citizens.  There’s that good and bad element again, but that has already been beaten to death in my other blogs.  So what is more important in this education?  Social issues or basic education?  It seems that the educational system is set up for teaching social issues.  They can get facts and information from YouTube and Facebook.  They can do mathematical calculations by asking Siri on their phones or Google in their homes.  All they need from schools is the propaganda that we wish to spread about so everyone is on the same page when it comes to behavior.

Schools, you see, are behaviorally centered.  They arrange the room, then arrange the students, then take note of who’s paying attention at all times and who isn’t.  The ones that don’t pay attention, they drug.  They separate the ones that can’t keep up and the ones that go too fast.  Teachers spend an inordinate amount of time studying the theories of education, the psychology, the sociology, and then they don’t actually get to teach their subjects.  They have to put on a show that kids will continue to watch for 7 hours.  They have to be Sesame Street.  The tests they give in the early elementary grades are mostly memorization and regurgitation.  They have to get the facts down because at this age, they don’t know any.  Math facts, English facts, Spelling facts, even Science facts need to be memorized so they can be used later.  Instead, they teach math theories, English suggestions, and spelling theories.  My 4 year old grandson knows the planets in order closest to the sun out, the types of planets (gas giant, etc), the hottest and coldest, the proto-planets in the asteroid belt (?!  I don’t know those!).  He loves to tell me about them, and his Daddy’s so proud, he asks him all the right questions.  Does he ask him how to spell the planets?  Does he ask him his math facts?  Does he correct his grammar and sentence structure when my grandson misspeaks?  Nope.  Does he teach him how to behave.  It’s a fact.  “When you are here, you do this.  When you are there, you do that.  When I say this, you do this.”  He never has to sit still for 7 hours.  He doesn’t sit still unless he’s watching Mickey, and even then, if he’s seen it before, he runs around.  He starts Kindergarten this year.  How will he survive?  How will his teacher survive?

If we want a better world, we have to teach our citizens how to really think, not how to regurgitate what the society says is important.  They have to know the facts so they can use them to make informed calculations, decisions, leaps of insight.  So give them the facts!   Parents and family and neighbors should be working on the socialization skills and the moral issues.  Schools need to teach facts.  Then they need to teach utilization. Write a theme, give a speech, find the x, understand the history, learn a language, learn an instrument, design a game (not necessarily a computer game).

Schools shouldn’t teach “Find a gay person, make friends with them, everything about them is normal, you are not normal.  Now find someone not in your religion.  Make friends with them.  Their religion is correct, and yours is myth and legend and scientifically unsound.  Give up your religion.  Find someone who is not your race.  Make friends with them.  Everything about their race is better than your race.  Feel ashamed to be your race.  Find someone richer or poorer than you.  Make friends with them.  If they are poorer than you, they are more righteous than you.  Seek to be poor.  If they are richer than you, shame them to be poorer.”  It should be this:  Meet people, make friends with as many as you can.  Discover their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, what you have in common and what you don’t.  Enjoy their company.  If they are moral, upright, and friendly, they may become life long friends.  And YOU decide whether they are moral, upright and friendly.  Now before you call me a bigot, know that I have friends of all races, religions, and sex preferences…though I don’t see how what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms is any of my business.  I have friends that make millions of dollars a year, and some on public assistance.  These friends of mine are different from me, but I don’t IGNORE the differences, I EXPLORE the differences.

When you study a subject, regardless of your area of expertise, you don’t make judgments.  If you were to hike around the Alps, then hike the Appalachians, then hike the Rockies, you would note the geology is very different.  But one wouldn’t be right and the others wrong.  In math, there are several different ways to do arithmetic calculations.  The method chosen by most people is the one that is easiest for them to remember and provides the most accurate results more times than not.  It may be very time consuming and inefficient, but that doesn’t make it wrong if the result is correct.  In language, the slang that becomes so mainstream that it is adopted as standard may have originally been wrong.  “I ain’t got no pedigree!” translates to “I am not got no pedigree” which means “I am not in possession of no pedigree” or “I have a pedigree.”  Whoops.  Yet everyone understands what the first sentence means.  Let me introduce you to a new thought, “Well that’s interesting.”

When it’s information, it could be accurate or inaccurate; not right and wrong.  Right and wrong refer to behavior.  Behavior is measured against a moral standard, not according to a set of pre-programmed reactions to a stimulus.  Hitting another student is wrong, but not because “student hitting” is scheduled from 2:00 to 2:15 and it’s 8:45 now.  At the bell you will be in your seats with your hands folded and your mouths shut.  That is conditioning.  Conditioned behavior is neither right nor wrong, it’s programming.  We are so consumed with programming, we don’t explore the reason behind the programming.  The letter of the laws of behavior is more important than the spirit of the laws.

When we build a better world, we have to consider the building blocks we have to work with.  If they are made of gooey and squishy material, they will not stand for long.  If the foundation is sand instead of bed rock, the structure of our world and all our societies will fall.  The building blocks are a moral compass, and information that is accurate and unbiased.  It is not ambiguous definitions of right and wrong, and social opinions of truth and information.  The idea of a politically correct definition of gravity is: the mutual attraction of objects or life forms that results in things moving to the geometric center of the celestial body to which they are closest; it is not the force that causes things to fall downward.  Why? Because it gives the direction “down” a negative connotation.

I will continue to discuss building blocks tomorrow.


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