Taking Steps Toward Leadership–end game

What does your success look like?  How does it sound?  How does it feel?  How does it smell?  Can you close your eyes and be in that moment?  I have a challenge.  Make a mind movie of your day as a success.  Make it realistic so include problems (big or small) and see how you handle them.  Make your success so big you have to strive to get to that point.  Don’t picture yourself on the yacht, picture yourself running your business from your yacht.  Don’t picture yourself in exotic places, picture yourself and your best crew with you in exotic places.  Picture your income statement and your balance sheet.  Picture yourself in your best clothes addressing your board of directors or your sales force and giving them the best news they’ve heard.  Picture the invitations to other company events so that you can give them the benefit of your experiences and increase their hope and wisdom.  Picture yourself surrounded by other successful people and listening to their wisdom.  Then picture them asking you for advice.


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