Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Where did you spend your Memorial Day?

With family.  With friends.  At the Memorial Day parade.  At the cemetery decorating graves.  At the service.  We used to call it Decoration Day.

So, what would you willingly give your life for?  Would you step in front of a bullet?  Would you submit to a beheading for your faith?  Would you jump into the river to save your child.  Would you sacrifice your life because you were told you had to?  What if the sacrifice has nothing to do with the thing you purport to protect?  There seems to be a disconnect between what we fight for and whom we fight.  We fight for freedom and the constitution.  But we fight those who aren’t threatening our freedom or constitution.  We fight a war on drugs.  We fight a war on terror.  This makes no sense to me.  I may be dense.

How do you fight a war on drugs.  Drugs are not the problem, it’s the need for drugs.  Why do people want to experience hallucinations?  Why do they want to feel that “buzz?”  Isn’t it the same as getting drunk?  Plastered to the point where you cannot drive and you throw up and/or pass out.  Do we really have so much leisure time that we want to spend it doing absolutely nothing but indulging ourselves in an alternate reality?  Is the world such a frightening, stressful place that people feel a need to escape?  What happened to “meaningful” work?  What happened to family time to spend in activities and conversation?  Why isn’t that enough anymore?  Has it ever been enough?  There have been drunks and opiate addicted people for centuries.  We just don’t consider this type of addiction a failing (unless of course, you happen to be the addict.  Then you think of yourself as a failure and continue down the spiral.)  We consider it a failing of the society and since the society is comprised of everyone ELSE, we don’t need to do anything about it.

We tend to be a self-indulgent society, and thus consider what we do for fun to be of the utmost priority.  Our work must be “fun” and our associations must be “fun” and we have sex for “fun” and get drunk or high for “fun.”  What is this fun factor?  Fun is anything that pleases the person involved.  It may or may not benefit anyone surrounding that person.  Going to a ball game with 50,000 other people might be fun.  Shooting a room full of people in a video game might be fun.  Shooting a room full of people outside a video game  might not be fun for everyone.  It’s a matter of escapism…escaping from the mundane to do something that causes a peak in adrenaline, changing the scenery to please the sense.  Changing the brain to make it feel different.  Anything goes.  So making war on pleasure makes NO sense.  It’s attacking the symptom, not the disease.  Why would anyone die for that?

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