Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Quotient

That’s a strange word to base a whole blog on…quotient.  What is a quotient?  Remember beginning math?  When you take one number and divide it by another, you get a quotient. “A quotient is the ratio of a dividend to its divisor,” according to Wiki.  Quo–how many, tiens–times.  We used to call them Gazintas.  What?  Ya, 3 gazinta 12 4 times.  So what is an Intelligence Quotient?  What are you dividing?  It’s a ratio of mental age (MA) to chronological age (CA) multiplied by 100 (thus IQ = MA/CA x 100).  So if your intelligence quotient is fixed at birth, that is just stupid.  Your mental age at 1 compared with your chronological age at 1 is immeasurable because the inability to verbalize anything you as a one year old are thinking.  So if you think as an 8 year old thinks, and you’re only 6, 8/6= 1.33 or an IQ of 133.  If, however you think a 68 year old thinks, and you’re only 66, your IQ is about 100.  Have you lost intelligence?  Can you learn new perspectives on how to approach problems and develop a larger vocabulary.  Of course.  Can you improve your reading comprehension skills?  Why not?  But to get a score of 140 now that you are 30 something, you’d have to have a mind of a 42 year old.  What if you were 50?  You’d have to have the mind of a 70 year old.  So the intelligence quotient is not viable through out the spectrum of age.  They now use relative intelligence…  This person scores 2 standard deviations above the normal person at the same age.  Can the norms change?  Yes.

The Intelligence Quotient, therefore, is not a quotient at all.  It is a data point on the normal curve that indicates its relationship to the average intelligence at the same age and the “IQ score” is assigned to it.  In other words, if you are smarter or more clever than 97% of the people, the number you’re assigned is 137 or what not.  The 137 is not derived from a formula.  The number has no significance.  You could assign a weird symbol to the score and it would mean the same.  What’s your IQ? “Well mine’s a ψ.  What’s yours?”  Oh, mine’s only a ∏.  See?

So what in the heck is an EQ?  Emotional Quotient?  You divide your emotional age by your chronological age?  You divide the number of times you laugh by the number you cry?  What are you dividing?  How about PQ.  Athletes would have a better PQ than normal people right?  So you compare the average jump height of out of shape cubical jockeys to members of the NBA.  Those people that fall out of bed consistently would be in the bottom standard deviations, and those who don’t trip up the stairs would be normal?  Wait there’s more!  How about SQ?  Spiritual quotient?  How do you measure that?!  His halo is 1.5 meters; mine is only 60 centimeters.

News Flash  These numbers don’t measure anything!  How do you use your intelligence?  How well do you relate to people?  Are you relatively healthy?  Can you see the deeper picture that relates the intelligence, the emotions, the physical into the spiritual and discern truth?

When I talk about self development, I’m not talking about stuffing your brains full of information.  I am not talking about becoming an expert in psychoses and why people act the way they act.  I definitely do not mean how many iron man races you can run, or how often you talk to God.  Self development and self growth have to do with enhancing your CHARACTER.  You need all those tools–intelligence, emotion, physical ability, and spirituality–to reach the highest character you can accomplish.  It’s a matter of asking yourself the right questions.  What kind of person do I want to be?  How do I get there from here?

When you see those quizzes, you know the ones I mean, “Only 2% can answer these questions,”  “If you can get 15/15 you’re a genius!”  “97% of people don’t know these,” SKIP THEM.  It will not give you any new insight into your intelligence.  In fact if you don’t know what continent you’re on, you need some remedial work!  If you can’t quote all 7 books of Harry Potter, the world will not disintegrate.  You don’t need to know which mythical beast you are.  The best insight will always be in talking to another human.

Concentrate on these 2:  What kind of person do I want to be? and How do I get there from here?  It will take you a lifetime to work out, but it will be completely worth it.


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