Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Life isn’t fair

We all know Life isn’t Fair.  It isn’t a formula that if you do X you get Y every time.  If it was that simple, if you bought X tickets for the lottery you’d win Y times, and everyone would buy X tickets.  Then everyone would win.  That’s fun math isn’t it?  If you go to X college then you get Y job that pays $Z and you never have to switch jobs or move and you love what you’re doing.  If you marry X, then you get Y which is to stay married for the rest of your life and have your 2.5 children who never do anything wrong.

Is there any challenge attached to these situations?  Of course.  The only X for winning the lottery is to buy ALL the tickets and the cost might be prohibitive.  Only Warren Buffet or Bill Gates could win the lottery.  Well THAT’S not fair.  But that’s the formula isn’t it?  You know that to get a job in business that pays enough money for you to be comfortable you have to go to Harvard or Yale to be guaranteed this business position.  Can you afford to go to either of these?  Well… that’s not the only challenge, you have to be accepted into these colleges.  How do you get accepted?  There are a lot of applicants!  You could hire a hit man to take out the other applicants.  If you can afford to go to Harvard or Yale, you can afford a Hit man.  Of course he’d have to be the Dexter of hit men and a good investigator because there are about 27,000 applicants/year and they only accept 7% of them.  Well THAT’S not fair!  But that’s the formula.  And it’s 6% for Yale.  If you marry Mr. or Miss Right, you stay married for the rest of your life and…blah blah blah.  How do you know that the person you marry is Mr. or Miss Right?  If you go through a statistical analysis and are matched by a computer, you might find this person but only if YOU answer the questions truthfully and if the person you’re paired with also answered truthfully.  There’s the rub.  It also is imperative that the questions asked on the data input go further than your physical description and asks for mental states and emotional reactions and environmental background such as family history, community mores, spiritual beliefs or non beliefs.  In fact, the input sheet would take days to input and would be so detailed that the chances of finding your exact match would be reduced to a very small percentage.  The algorithm would also have to take into account that opposites indeed attract.  Extremely organized and stability centered personalities love the outgoing impetuous people.  Outgoing and impetuous people crave organizationally skilled people to keep things going because they are unwilling to take on those tasks themselves.  It becomes obvious that the impetuous person will see the stability person they marry as holding them back and a stick in the mud with no sense of adventure.  The stability craving person will view the impetuous person as reckless and irresponsible.  So either they bend toward each other (becoming less impetuous and becoming less a stick in the mud) or they divorce.  Or you could try dating until you find your Mr. or Miss Right.  If it doesn’t work out, THAT’S not fair!  Both were looking for the ideal mate and found them.  How could it simply not work out?

The reason this whole Life Isn’t Fair subject came up was that the winning International Speech in my district centered around this phrase:  Life isn’t fair, but we did the best we could.  My stance on this is that just because Life doesn’t conform to your sense of cause and effect doesn’t mean it’s not fair.  The formula isn’t if you do X you get Y.  It’s more like this:  If you do X, and A happens and B happens and person C does X at the same time and D happens to them and they get Z instead of W, and then it rains, and then P has a breakdown and does Q,R and S at time T, and 2 trains are approaching each other at 35 miles per hour and left at 2:50 and 2:35 relatively at what point do you have to bail off the train because they’re going to meet in Cincinnati?  Life is fair, but it’s unpredictable because there are too many factors.  Life is fair, but it’s also impartial.  It doesn’t care what YOU think you’re entitled to by doing specific actions.

You do the best you can under the current circumstances, and you handle the situations as they come up or you plan for contingencies.  In the TV series, “Leverage”  they never use plan A.  Life doesn’t have to be fair to YOU.  No one could make it fair for every single person.  That’s what socialism and communism attempt to do…make life fair for everyone.  They do not take into account the perspective that it’s only fair if the results match the people’s particular expectations.  Capitalism only works on a small scale when everyone is his or her own boss.  Capitalism is not a form of government, it is an economic model.  If the economic model is modified by the government or by economies of scale, it doesn’t stay true to the model.  There is no system in which everyone gets what they expect.  “All you can do is All you can do, but All you can do is enough.”~Art Williams.  So do all you can do and don’t complain that Life isn’t fair because Life IS fair, and dirty diapers happen.

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