Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Consis10C

When you talk about any goal setting or any process involving self improvement, Consistency is always going to make or break your progress.  My opinion on the word “always” is that that word never applies to anything that isn’t faith based, and yet this word: always, applies here.  If you decide you want to be fit, you always eat right and you always do some sort of physical activity.  You must be consistent to make progress.  If you want to be a great public speaker, you have to consistently add tools to your tool belt, body language, vocal variety, prezi, power point, content, inspirations…and you cannot just work on them when the mood hits you.  When you’re a parent, consistent schedules are a necessity, and consistent discipline, and consistent praise and coaching are a must!

For some of us, consistency means setting a schedule with NO EXCEPTIONS!  My schedule is weird, and every day is different.  Setting a consistent schedule to reach my goals means setting a time every day, even if it isn’t the same time every day.  It is the hardest thing I have to do: be consistent.  I have become so flexible that I am squeezing extra things in that I actually have no time for.  What does that do to my consistency?  Blows it all to heck, and then I seem to move backwards instead of toward my goals.

Figure out what consistency means for you.  Make sure you aren’t consistently practicing mistakes however!  Take some time on your day off, and review your goals and adjust your next week’s schedule to hit a milestone along the way.

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