Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Psychologist/Psychiatrist

Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Mate:  all have a vested interest in your success.  You won’t refer people to a teacher or a trainer that doesn’t produce success.  A mentor may be living vicariously through you and sees your success as his own success…validation if you will.  Your mate wants to make sure your happy so you continue the relationship.

The Psychologist/Psychiatrist will look at you as if you were an interesting project.  Basically, the assumption they start from is that there is something WRONG with you and it’s something from your past.  It might be a traumatic experience which you must resolve to move on with your life.  It might be your perception of your place in the world that is skewed from what “normal” people see.  (Don’t get me started on “normal!”)

There might BE something wrong with you that you need to address.  You might have a negative outlook on life and that taints everything you do well and right.  They basically want to dig around your psyche and see what’s in there.  Part of the problems we see in society today is that the general public believes EVERYONE is dysfunctional at something, and therefore everyone needs fixing.

Like everyone else in the helping business, there are good ones and bad ones.  The good ones will ask you questions to determine an underlying issue, then continue to ask questions until you know how to resolve this issue.  The bad ones will ask you questions to get a general idea for a paper they want to publish…They will suggest a diagnosis which you will then live up to.  They will get famous and published.  You will get a new phobia.  A friend of mine went to a psychologist for a problem he was having.  This faux doctor “recovered” some  “memories” of things that never took place.  He then slapped a label on him that described his condition (disassociative disorder).  My friend then developed a compartmentalized perception of the world: one from when he was young and suffered this supposed trauma, one who was left-handed and reckless and suicidal, one who was easily panicked and helpless. He moved and went to a new psychologist who told him he had PTSD because of the trauma he revealed to this new doctor.  The new doctor was unaware that the original trauma never happened and had been “revealed through recovered memories.”  The patient then assumed the behavior and phobias attached to PTSD.  He is really messed up, and no one can convince him that he ISN’T a textbook example of someone with Disassociative PTSD Syndrome.  He is no longer able to deal with the real world.  He no longer has the Resilience to confront his fears and change his vision of how life works.

Now, I don’t want to give you the idea that a Psychiatrist/Psychologist is a bad idea.  I had a student who would do everything right for a while and then turn around and do everything wrong.  We now recognize these symptoms as BiPolar behavior.  With his medication, he’s on a more even keel and is having more good days than bad.  Going to a psychiatrist or psychologist may not get you the help you need in a leadership role, but it might get you to a point where you can think straight.  Unless the doctor needs braces for his kid–in that case you will need extensive treatment and there might be some unrecovered memories you’d have to delve into.

If you have Leadership issues but you are comfortable that you do not have emotional or mental problems, then the information you need can be gotten from books and other leaders instead.


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