Taking Steps in Leadership–All of us

Weird thing happened in Church Sunday.  One of our members had gotten some new meds from his doctor, but hadn’t had any breakfast, so he kinda fell over!  We have a lot of medical people in the congregation, and they all jumped into action.  The pastor completed the prayers, and then directed all of us into the fellowship hall so if the ambulance people needed to get in, they wouldn’t have to clamber over all the looky-loos to get to the patient.  We had communion and the final benediction.  We were then led by the associate pastor in the Doxology which, of course, everyone knows.

Here’s the point.  We sang the doxology in 4 part harmony without benefit of a piano.  You heard me.  It was good!  It was in pitch!  It brought chills!  All of us singing together sounded powerful and beautiful, and worshipful.  It wasn’t just 9 people singing like opera stars, it was 100 people doing the best they could to make a joyful noise.

The folks I talked to afterwards thought it was due to the amazing acoustics in the fellowship hall.  They’re the same as in the sanctuary.  Some said it was good that we sang a song that we all know.  We know these songs because we’ve sung them enough.  This church couldn’t raise a choir for Easter.  Does that make any sense?  Each one said they couldn’t be in a choir because they couldn’t sing.  OF COURSE YOU CAN’T SING BY YOURSELF!  WE’RE NOT AUDITIONING FOR SOLOISTS!  But they insist that their voices aren’t very pleasant.  Their voices are not meant to be by themselves, but when added to others, it adds depth and power to a choir sound.  The choir is normally between 9-12 members.  It sounds ok, and they sing the right words and pretty well in tuned, but 100 of us imperfect voices is better than 9 professionals.

It’s true in everything if you look at it.  All of us, doing our best, is going to be better than some experts.  All of us in a fast food crew is going to be better than 1 great cook, one master packer, and one amazing cashier.  All of us working to improve our clients’ experience is going to keep those clients coming back.  All of us working together to build our organization’s membership and quality is going to be better than our president, vice president and secretary doing amazingly well at their jobs and no one else doing anything.  All of us working to alleviate pain and suffering and want in the world is better than our pastors and missionaries doing the job alone.

All of us doing what we do best together is always going to be better than a few doing it perfectly.


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