I don’t know how many people set up Nativity Scenes in their houses any more.  Here are  the questions:  Is the baby in the manger?  Are the shepherds bowing?  Are there sheep and cows?  Is Mary wearing blue?  Are there 3 wise men with their camels?  Are there one or two lobsters?  Is there an angel or a star above the manger?

Well we all know Jesus was born in a manger at an inn that didn’t have any rooms left.  Most people assume that they STAYED there…moved in.  There is the thought that the manger was the only place they put the baby.  Does that make any sense?  Of Course not!  How about the fact that Mary was wearing blue?  Blue and Purple dyes were made from rare plants or sea creatures.  It was unavailable to people of modest means.  She wears blue because that’s what the Babylonian Empresses wore, and since she is the Mother of God, she should probably look like a queen at least!  So no, she probably wasn’t wearing blue.  Sheep and cows were usually kept in the fields as they were a food source and needed to eat grass.  In an Inn, you might have seen transportation in the manger, not food.  Horses, camels, donkeys, etc. might be more likely.  Were there Shepherds and Wise men in the stable together bowing?  Not likely.  The shepherds got the word first from the choir of angels who obviously didn’t make use of GPS.  They announced the birth of the son of God to a field with sheep and shepherds, the lowest of the low respectable people.  (Lower than that would have been Jews working for the Romans and Gentiles.)    But they left their sheep and went to the stable.  Now since the angels said, “You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger,” there must not have been all that many stables in Bethlehem.  Mangers were used for feeding guest animals as local animals went out to graze.

But where were the Wise Men?  Yoooo Hooooo?  Oh, yeah, they followed a star to get there.  Well, since they were from the East, that would make sense since the star appeared and they followed it West.  The fact that it held a steady position is interesting.  Look at a star picture.  They move in circles around the north star.  Hmmm.  So it had to have a fairly steady position in the sky.  Could it have been a comet?  Could it have been a super nova?  Could it have been an alignment of planets?  How could a star suddenly appear?  Was it one whose movement across the sky was such that only rarely would it be in a definite position in the midst of the surrounding star field?

The interesting thing is how Daniel comes into the picture 600 years earlier.  When he and his 3 friends were coerced into service of the King, Nebuchadnezzar, they were given Babylonian names: Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, Abenego.  (Daniel 1)  They were the best and the brightest of all those captives brought in, so they were chosen as wise men of the court.  Later, Daniel was the chief of the wise men in Babylon.  (Daniel 2)  How did he get to this position?  Weeeelllll, the King had a nightmare, and it was repeated and kept him awake at night.  He brought in all the enchanters and magicians and wise men in the country and told them to interpret the dream.  So they asked him what his dream was.  He replied in his wisdom, you’re the enchanters, magicians and wise men, YOU TELL ME!  Then interpret it.  Ummmm, what?  So they were to tell him what he dreamed and what it meant, or DIE.  So naturally they couldn’t so he sent his men out to execute all the wise men in Babylon.  Daniel told the executioner to let him sort things out and he went to his friends and told them the situation.  They prayed and then he was given a vision of the King’s dream.  He went to the King and said, “I can’t tell you the dream or interpret it, but God, who sent you the dream has showed me the dream too, and sent the explanation.”  Then he told the King his dream and the interpretation.

If the guy that was the head wise man of Babylon was the guy that told the king his dream and interpreted it when no one else could, and he was talking to you about his God that could do these things, wouldn’t you pay attention?  So it’s possible that the legacy of Daniel’s teaching continued through out the ages until the sign the astronomers were looking for appeared, and they knew what it meant.  There may have been quite a few of them, not just the 3 we hear of in the song.  They also might have brought with them the treasure that Daniel had amassed and instructed the wise men to bring to the new king.  They headed to Jerusalem where they would expect a new king to be born.  Herod was surprised.  Ooops.  After they headed out from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, the star went before them and led them to where the child was…his house, not the barn.  From North to South.  Wait…Stars don’t travel north to south.  Why wouldn’t it be further west?  Because Bethlehem, where the wise men of Judah predicted the Messiah would be born, was south and east of Jerusalem.   Stars also don’t move east.

My only conclusion was that the star was a UFO.


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