Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Fair

Define Fair:
1.  free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice:a fair decision; a fair judge.
2.  legitimately sought, pursued, done, given, etc.; proper under the rules:a fair fight.
You might add “giving no one an advantage or disadvantage that affects the outcome.  Professional Wrestling, for instance thrives on unfair practices.  The good guy is set upon by two of the bad guys.  The losing fighter comes into the ring with a chair to take down the winning fighter.  How about in finance?  The CEO of a prestigious company doesn’t have to worry if the company thrives.  If the company thrives, he doesn’t get fired, and he gets a huge compensation package and a bonus.  If  the company founders or fails, he gets fired, and he gets a huge severance package and a bonus. If you go to court against someone with money, you will lose because they will take advantage of the fact that the person without money is more likely to settle the longer it takes to get through the process.  In war, if the combatants are evenly matched, they will choose not to fight.  If one has better technology or superior numbers they will press the attack.
So Fairness is different to everyone.  In a political race, one candidate will accuse the other of tampering to get an advantage.  If they win, they will be accused of tampering.  It’s never a fair fight.  Someone always has an advantage.  Life isn’t fair!  Get over it! That’s true isn’t it?  I don’t believe so.
???  This is what I believe:  Life IS fair, it’s just impartial.  Situations favor the prepared.  Think of Home Alone.  There’s one little kid against two very dangerous and vindictive criminals.  He has time and ingenuity on his side and a home field advantage and PREPARES his house for onslaught.  Is it a fair fight then?  Think of the natural disasters.  How can you prepare for an earthquake or a wild fire?  How can you prepare for a flood or a blizzard.  There are some things you can do, but that doesn’t excuse you from the disaster, it just mitigates its effects.  I would say it is nearly impossible to be prepared for every eventuality.
The fact remains that things do not seem fair to the person on the short end of the stick.  If you lose your job, it isn’t a matter of fairness, it’s a matter of economics, or temper, or favoritism.  The boss can pretend that it is fair and impartial to assuage his feelings, but it will feel unfair to the recipient.    Remember that it all evens out in the end.  If you believe in Karma, or believe in the Golden Rule or the fact that what you sow you shall also reap, you may live long enough to see the pendulum swing the other way.
Life is fair, just impartial.  Don’t dwell on the inequity of things because it doesn’t change the outcome.  Think instead that fair or not, you have a new opportunity to learn and grow.

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