Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Quality

When you are leading a group, whether it is your business, your bible study, your club, or your family unit, one of the things you must consider is Quality.

In my town, there are 507 restaurants.  How do you choose?  Access: How many are really close to where I live?  Time factor:  How many restaurants can get my order and my food in the time I have allotted to eat?  Service:  How many of these provide friendly customer service?  Taste:  How many serve food that I like, cooked the way I like it?  Value for money spent:  Is the food good enough to justify a wait.  Is the food I can get in the briefest time worth eating?  Is the quality and presentation worth the cost of the meal?  All those traits are variable.  What good is a marvelous dinner that costs you a month’s salary?  What good is traveling an hour and waiting in line for another hour to food you could cook better yourself?

You must consider what you have to offer.  Is it a unique setting?  Is it a unique product?  How much care do you put into the presentation and the service?  There is a marvelous book called, “Inside the Magic Kingdom” by  Tom Connellan where he talks about quality and service.  What is it that Disney Land and Disney World offer that no one else does?  Rides?  Everyone has rides.  Food?  Everyone has food.  Mickey Mouse?  AHA!  When we went there, there was not a scrap of trash or food on the ground.  All the customer service people from the trash collectors to the guides to the people in costume were always smiling and helpful.  But you don’t see that until you are actually IN the park.  It keeps people coming back.  Word of mouth gets people there initially.  

One of the precepts in the book is that Everyone is your competition.  Disney World competes with McDonald’s.  How long do you have to wait in line?  Is the food worth the wait?  Are the cashiers smiling and helpful?  Disney World competes with Citi Bank, Ameritrade, Jiffy Lube, CVS Pharmacy, Sesame Street.  So do you and your business, club, family.  There must be a uniqueness to what you do–something of quality that gets people in the door and coming back for more.

My family was unique…it was full of musicians.  My parents were curious about everything–travel, new and different subjects of study, history, art, literature, photography and music of all sorts.  The only thing they had no interest in was politics and social events.  When they got together with friends, it was the neighbors that lived across the street.  They never had dinner parties and never went to dinner parties if they could get out of it.  They could have conversed with anyone on any subject, but they didn’t want to make the effort to find people that could converse!  🙂  It took a long time for me to allow myself to be exposed to people socially.  I still don’t do dinner parties.  I go to social gatherings and also clubs and bible studies.  I am a music teacher (50 years now!) and due to my upbringing, I have a unique style of teaching that can reach those that have been told they have no talent or ability.  I use my extensive knowledge of all sorts of disciplines and my wide variety of travels and experiences to teach concepts regarding instrumental and vocal music.  I also use this same approach as an Investment Adviser Representative to help people understand how money works.  I try to make the information I disseminate the best quality I can so my clients and students know they are getting the best value for their money.

How do you make your “product or service” the highest quality?  Is it your best work?  Does it have your best intentions toward your market? Can it be repeated with similar results?  When it meets those criterion, then it is quality.


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