Revelation–the worst sin

There we were, piously confessing all our sins together.  “I confess that I have sinned against you in thought, word and deed, by what I have done and by what I have left undone.”  Then we bow our heads and bring to mind all the sins we’ve done since last confession.  Or plan dinner.  Or wonder what time the game starts. Or build another level in mine craft.

What is the worst sin?  Murder?  Abortion?  Infidelity?  Theft?  I haven’t done any of those, so what do I have to confess?  This is the sneakiness of evil.  It assigns relative points.  This one is worse than that one.  Well, I lied, but it was just a little lie.  I stole, but it was just an ink pen and he won’t miss it.  Well, ya I was going over the speed limit, but I was just keeping up with the traffic flow.

When someone murders, they know they are taking a life.  They can point to an instance and say that on that date and at that time, I killed someone.  Abortion for the mother is an agonizing decision or a flip of a coin, but it is a decision nevertheless.  They also can point to an instance and say that on that date and at that time, I had an abortion.  The abortion doctors can look at their calendars and point to all the instances.  They have to de-humanize the fetuses to keep their sanity.  “It isn’t human until there is brain activity.  So technically it isn’t murder until 25 weeks.” Their oath is, “First, do no harm…”

When one is unfaithful to his or her spouse, it is a decision to do something that will hurt the one they married and damage that relationship forever.  When someone steals, they decide that the cost of the punishment they might receive is less than the value gained by taking something illegally.  In both cases, infidelity and theft, it’s not a sin unless they get caught.

The point is:  all these sins are the result of decisions made.  Everyone knows these acts are wrong.  They choose to do them anyway.  The worst sin, however, is not among those.  The worst sin is when we do something wrong without thinking it is wrong.  When we do something that we justify to ourselves.  What were the temptations of Christ?  Not murder, not infidelity, not theft, but simple things like making bread from rocks.  Who would have been hurt by that?  Who was there to see?  How about testing God’s resolve not to let Jesus die except by his plan?  Throwing himself off a high building and not dying would have made an incredible statement to anyone that saw.  Wouldn’t they more likely have believed him to be a prophet if he could have done that?  Wasn’t that the whole point of his coming to Earth–to have people believe He was there to save the human race?  This act was not a sin in and of itself. What could have been wrong with it?  Yet, it was a temptation that Satan posed to Jesus.  Satan wanted Jesus to stray from the plan and do so publicly.  How about the last one, “Bow to me and I will give you the world.”  As far as sins go in our modern world, whom you bow to makes absolutely no difference.  In fact it is encouraged.  Bow to your pagan images.  Bow to your Evil and Vengeful entities that demand child sacrifice.  Bow to your stupid TV.  We are tolerant and will condemn no one for their beliefs.  If you say your god and my God are the same person, then you do unspeakable acts in the name of your god, I must accept that your god exists and is on equal footing with my God because the difference in our religions is just a matter of opinion.

So when we are confessing all our sins, seen and unseen, mental and physical, do we consider those sins that are not considered sins in our secular world?   WE MUST.  All have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of God.  We all need mercy because stealing a pen is stealing.  Because speeding is breaking the law.  Because having marital relations outside of marriage is wrong even if it is accepted as normal behavior.

The Worst sin is believing you DON’T sin.


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