Taking Steps toward Leadership–STOP IT!

I recently posted something on my blog and I got 2 new people to read it.  It was a fairly short piece on reflections and resolutions.  I dutifully checked out their blogs.  Their entries were 300 words or less.  Huh?  How can you inspire people with that few words?  How can you move them to action?  How can you help them change their perspective?  I re-read some of my most inspiring entries.  After all of these years blogging, I have about 10 followers.  The bloggers I read are just starting out and write less than 300 words.  *smirks*  Rookies!  Mine average about 1200 words.  But wait!  Hmmmm.  One of them has 5000 followers.

I could get back on my high horse and snub my nose thinking, “Those followers must have short attention spans and clearly don’t think deeply enough to appreciate what I write.”  Then it’s their loss.  Why am I writing this blog though?  Is it to put my ideas into a coherent form and clear my mind?  Is it to inspire and move other people and change their perspective?  Is it practice?

I think my personality might the reason I don’t have many followers. One of the characteristics of my personality is the tendency to think logically and use my vocabulary to say exactly what I mean.  I work on my vocabulary so I won’t find myself at a loss for words.  I really enjoy science and math. I am REALLY good at taking tests.  This has side effects.  I tend to think of myself as the brightest person in any room I walk into.  Of course, it is often not the case.  In fact, I get upset if anyone thinks I am less intelligent or talented than I think I am.  In my mind’s eye, I picture myself speaking and everyone else taking notes and asking insightful questions and getting amazing answers.  This has never been the case.

Maybe, what people need is not a long discourse, but an idea they can latch onto and keep in their heads.  Maybe it’s just a trickle of intelligent thought instead of a fire hose.  Maybe, on my next entry, when I feel myself ascending the stairs to my tower, I should stop, turn around, and get to the point.  If you happen to be reading my blog and you’ve already been sitting for over an hour and still don’t see the point, would you please send me a Gibbs slap and tell me to Stop It?

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