Taking Steps Toward Leadership: Finally over… or is it?


I went to a meeting this morning and even with over 60% of the voting public participating in this election, there are a lot of people that think that because their candidate didn’t win, it wasn’t the correct outcome of the people’s will.  I don’t understand.  US broke all kinds of voter turn out records, yet the result doesn’t represent the will of the people voting?  Ahhh, because the difference between the 2 candidates was 250k + votes, but the difference that counted was the number of electoral votes.  So we have a representative government that doesn’t represent anyone.  Has this happened before?  Well of course.

In 1824, John Quincy Adams was running against Andrew Jackson, and Andrew Jackson won…well, not really.  He got 38k more votes than Adams and had 99 electoral votes to Adams’ 84.  BUT YOU HAD TO HAVE 131 ELECTORAL VOTES TO WIN.  Neither candidate did, so the winner was decided by the House of Representatives.  Adams got the presidency.

In 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes won by 1 electoral vote, but lost the popular vote by 250k.  Now 250k is a lot of people in 1876.  There were 38 states and only 46 million people in 1876…and that’s not 46 million people eligible to vote.  Only 8 million voted.  To put that in perspective, each candidate in 2016 got over 59 million votes. The difference between Hayes and his opponent, Sam Tildon, represented 3% of the vote.  That same 250k difference in votes in the 2016 election represented .2% .

In 1888, Benjamin Harrison blew Grover Cleveland out of the water 233 electoral votes to 168.  However, Cleveland had 90k more votes.

In 2000, George W. Bush went up against Al Gore and it was a close race, 271 to 266 electoral votes.  Gore had 540k more votes, and George W. had hanging chads and complications with the voting procedures.  In addition to the problems with the voting apparatus, there were also legal battles that were demanding recounts.  The supreme court ended the litigation that was blocking the final tally and the recounts were halted.  Florida gave all its 20 delegates to Bush.  It was not unlike the final tally of house points in Harry Potter’s 1st movie.

Who won then?  Donald Trump got 279 electoral votes to Hillary’s 228. Donald Trump got 29 states supporting him, Hillary got 19, and some states are still confused.  50 states and Washington D.C. make 51 voting entities.  So even if Hillary could have gotten the confused states, she would only have gotten 22 states.  Where was she popular?  NY and CA.  Where was Donald Popular?  Not in Chicago where  one of the Trump Towers is.  He cut a wide swath through the middle of the country and in the south.

I remember when Obama was elected.  Barack Hussein Obama.  Not only did he have a middle eastern sounding name, it had a Hussein in it!  He was BLACK!  People doubted his country of origin.  They vowed that he would be impeached and all of his policies contested through out the 4 pitiful years he would be in office.  The main purpose of all their actions was to block him from designing a national health care policy.  The main thrust of their terms in office was to get him out of office and all his legislation overturned.  Oops, he was re-elected for another 4 years!  AND THEIR PURPOSE DIDN’T CHANGE!  A lot of good things happened while he was in office.  The country didn’t blow up and none of our beloved celebrities moved to Canada!

Now, Donald Trump has been duly elected as president.  We have a Republican president and a Republican congress…most of whom are embarrassed by the Republican president.  We have a very vocal opposition to Mr. Trump among celebrities, the liberal channels of the media, and of course, the democrats.  They are all disappointed.  Back to my meeting this morning, I was asking what our duties would be under the new president and the FIRST answer I heard was, “Find a way to impeach Trump.”  Why would we want to spend our efforts on that?  The president can present policy, but it can’t be enacted without consent of congress.  The president can’t go and undo the Roe v Wade, it’s law.  The supreme court would strike that down as unconstitutional.  The only way Trump would be able to definitively build the wall on the Mexican border is to stop at a Menards and go down and hammer on it himself.  We know that won’t solve the problem of illegal immigration.  Trump will be the public face of the US, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t want to tick him off if I was a foreign power. So do we remain divided and yell and shout for another 4 years?  President Obama stressed that we should come together as Americans and work together to make this country work.

Trump will choose a cabinet and a chief of staff and consult with as many people as he needs to in order to make decisions for our country.  We should urge our representatives to REPRESENT US on the things that effect our economy, our defense, our rights.  Who would we have as president instead?  Hillary?  Johnson?  Stein? Sanders?  Jimmy Fallon?  Let’s work with what we have.  We can do this.  It’s not HIS country, it’s OURS.  Let’s not forget that.  We are not sheep, we are the most innovative people on the planet, the most stubborn, the most persistent, the most envied.  There’s a reason for that.


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