Taking Steps toward Leadership–teamwork!

You have picked out the people you want for your committee, you have been assigned to a project as a manager, you represent the floor level people in the planning meeting.  In each case, you are with a team or leading a team.  How does your team work?  Each member has his individual personality and his favorite way of working.  George Boelke, a celebrated author and inspirational speaker, noticed 4 basic types of people.  Now you can go and do Meyers/Briggs and get all technical, but I think you’ll find that the easier the model, the faster you can adapt.  He assigns colors to certain personality types.  Jim Hoyt also has a basic model that utilizes STAR designations.  They are both excellent.

Gold is S, the scheduler, the person that lays everything out ahead of time and takes copious notes at meetings.  Nurses and Teachers fall into that category.  They are very organized and detail oriented.  When you are revealing the vision and discussing the goals and the plans, they need charts and graphs and details.  If you say, “We want to be better than any one in the field,” they ask “by what percentage? and who else is in our field, and better in which aspects or all of them?”

Green is T, the technician.  This is not automatically the guys in IT.  These are the guys that design the systems, question everything, the resourceful ones that figure out how to get the project finished in the dark, underwater, during an earth quake on the 4th of July.  They know they are the most brilliant people in the room.  Rick Williams of Primerica is one of those.  Clint Eastwood is one of those.  What?  Clint Eastwood?  Geek?  Ya, he’s one of us…um, I mean, of course.  You should see how he writes, how he directs, how he designs his movies.  All you see on the screen is the action hero, you don’t see what goes on before.  Speaking of Action…

Red is Action, the enthusiastic go-getter.  The receiver on the football team, the point guard, the top salesman, Batman…oh wait, Batman’s more Green.  Ok, Deadpool is action.  They live for adrenaline.  They rush in where angels fear to tread.  Their idea of planning is point and click.  In a race, Red types would be 1/2 way round the track before Gold would finish their plans and before you could convince the Greens that it doesn’t matter why they have to run the race, just get started.

Blue is Relationship, the person with connections everywhere. The president of the PTA, the Girl Scout mom, the politician are all Blue people.  If you want to learn something, they know someone that teaches it.  If you want a babysitter, they have 5 references in your neighborhood.  If you want to talk to the President of the US, they know the maid that works on that floor in the white house who can hand the president her cell phone.

Why is it important to recognize these character traits?  Well if you assign tasks to your team members, you have to remember how they approach everything.  When you reveal your vision, it has to touch on every area.  We want to be the go-to company when people think of widgets, and stomp everyone else in this field!  We want to improve productivity by 25% over last quarter and get better efficiencies going in manufacturing and the marketing areas that allow us to improve the product flow and increase our public exposure.  What we need then, is not only main ideas but alternate ideas and back-up strategies to improve the processes on the line, and clever, illuminating advertisements and promotions that set us apart from the other widget makers.  We need to enthusiastically sell the idea of the enormous range of applications of our widgets as compared to our competition, and thereby raise our sales volume.   We need to get training in place so that when the need arises, we have plenty of people to sell our widgets and the widget upgrades and accessories. And we need to get the word out to everyone that we are not a run of the mill widget maker!  We need to get media attention–not just print and TV/Radio presence but also social media.  We need all of our teams to work in harmony like a well-oiled machine and coordinate our efforts so there’s no duplication of activities and no disconnect between departments.

Now when you ask for volunteers or you assign the tasks, you know what type of person naturally falls into each role.  Don’t assign your A/Red personality to read up on the latest technical advancements in the products and develop a better process.  They hate to read, and they are not sure what a widget does let alone how it works.  Your T/Greens would be salivating over a project like that.

More tomorrow!



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