Revelation 2

Wellllllll, should we go back further than the formation of the earth?  Let’s start with the big bang.  Why not?  It is accepted belief that the big bang was the beginning of the universe.  What was it?

They say it was all the matter in the universe compacted into a single point.  Can we assume that all the matter in the universe would be a lot of matter?  Why would it be in a single point?  We know that there is a tipping point where the pressure of gravity ignites the matter into a star.  Why would that happen ONLY at a single point in space, and only when alllllllll the matter was gathered there.  Why weren’t there multiple bangs?  Why just 1?  Can we think of it as a heart beat?  Star forms and exhales matter, dies and inhales.  Repeat, each time getting larger until it consumes all the matter in the universe.  How would that look?

Picture the matter in the universe as just floating around and minding its own business, then 2 of the atoms stick together  and create a mini gravitational pull which pulls in more and more atoms together.  In the observable world…we’re not talking space here, just earth, do you ever see spontaneous conglomeration of atoms?  Picture yourself walking through your back yard.  Little oxygen atoms and argon and nitrogen atoms are floating around you.  You accidentally bump a few, and they bounce hither and yon and run into other atoms and suddenly you have a new molecule forming in your back yard that you didn’t have before.  No, it doesn’t work that way.  OK then, picture yourself in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.  The oxygen atoms are excited by the incoming radiation of the solar wind and it excites them to form O2.  Do we see that anywhere else in nature?  Well yes, we see it in oxidation.  Oxygen combines with many other minerals slowly breaking them or combining them into oxides.  Here’s the thing, oxygen and other elements have positive and negative charges which attract opposites to them.  Except, that only happens when an electron or proton is knocked off the molecule.  So go back even further…why are there atoms?  How can something whose very nature is electric produce something not electric?  How can energy become mass? E=MC squared. ( I don’t know how to make the little 2 there) So you’d have to divide the energy by the square of the speed of light to get the mass.  M=E/C squared.  And you’d have to know the energy that was there 1st before determining the mass of the universe.  But that doesn’t tell us where the M came from.

So if the Big Bang Theory is true, then matter existed before the universe.  If the matter was spread evenly across space,  the theory falls apart. Unless there were clumps of matter and not evenly spread throughout, there would be insufficient interaction to bring all the matter into a single place to explode.  If we take those little clumps of matter and suppose that they start to form their own gravity which attracts more matter, it would soon get to the threshold for fusion and would spew energy throughout this proto-universe causing similar reactions.  So do stars suck in matter as fast or faster than the force of the matter they spew out?  Not until they die and collapse in on themselves.

Hmmm.  Let’s picture our proto-universe with its proto-stars then.  Little star burns, uses up its fuel, collapses and forms a gravitational well that sucks more stuff into it.  It creates a dearth of matter around it because of its more powerful gravitational pull, but its reach is not all that far in the big picture.  It pulls in more matter but is not powerful enough to be a black hole.  2nd proto star ignites from the material and energy cast off by the 1st star, it sucks the dead star into it.  Now it is bigger, but corrupt because the dead star has less hydrogen and more of the fused elements.  It changes the temperature of the new star and due to the heavier elements in it attracts more matter… Wait…Do we actually observe this type of behavior in stars?   Well yes.  So then we have to take it to a much bigger level.  What if that 1st star’s ignition and subsequent collapse causes more than 1 other star to start the same process, and because it’s more or less approximately the same distance from the new stars it has formed, they all interact with each other, combining and colliding until a really big star emerges–a really big and corrupt star.  It goes nova and makes a huge explosion and starts more stars but because it was much larger, instead of becoming inert, it becomes a black hole.  Its gravity well pulls in more matter and more of its “children” to become too massive to stabilize and it too blows up.  The problem of this is that how big could this black hole get potentially?  And why would it only happen in 1 corner of the universe?  I think there would have been multiple bangs.  Picture a bunch of black cat fireworks all tied together having multiple bangs across the universe.  We are only aware of the bang that our part of the universe was formed from.  It Sounds like 1 bang because we cannot distinguish the individual bangs due to the very faintness of the signal.  They theorize that it was a single big bang that created the universe as we know it, but the process assumes that all the matter in the universe was gathered together in 1 place.  The only way that could have happened is when God separated the spiritual from the physical…the heavens from the earth.  Oh NO!

Our view of the creation of the universe NEVER includes God, except in EVERY SINGLE culture of the population of this planet.  So when God separated spiritual from physical, then separated light from dark, it began as a catastrophic event that also marked the beginning of time.  Steven Hawking talks of time as being without a beginning or end. The problem comes in our observations of time, since we are time-bound creatures.  Using the train analogy that inspired both Einstein and Hawking, other than the sound and the rocking of the train, one would imagine the train to be stationary while the objects in the window appear to fly by.  The only way man can see time from outside of time is by looking at events and changes written down by the people living them, but one could only see the past, not the future.  So if time was created by the separation of light and dark, spiritual and physical, as products of time, we cannot see the whole picture.  Lacking these observational powers  we cannot envision a universe with no light or dark, only void; and we cannot imagine a world where physical and spiritual were united perfectly.  We have to take the spiritual world by faith because we exist in the physical.  Whenever the spiritual makes itself known in the physical, we label it as a miracle if it is good.  If it is evil, we take it for granted that it is non-spiritual, even if it is the product of creatures of the dark.  If the universe has a specific start, then time does too.  We have to take by faith the belief that time is finite, not infinite.  It also means there will be a specific end to both the universe and time.

If, however, you are a creature that lives outside of time and space and physical existence, it is rather like looking at a piece of string.  You see all the events as happening simultaneously and not requiring any time.  You can relate the creation of the universe, of life, of everything to a yo-yo.  It reveals time as the distance from your hand increases, then the momentum of the movement of the yo-yo reduces the distance from your hand as the string is rewound.  When it returns to your hand, it is back at its starting point.  We see no evidence that the universe has stopped moving or is changing directions however.  It is like the guy that fell into the Grand Canyon: about 1/2 way down he yells, “Well, so far so good!”  If you believe, as I do, that all living things are also spiritual beings that enter into existence and are immediately born into time, when they die, they are released from time, and return to the spiritual/physical beings they started out as.

In the beginning, there was the Word.  Word is not an expression, or sound, or physical communication, it is an intention, an idea expressed, a design.  God has had a googleplex  of intentions/ideas/designs–one for every individual that has ever lived, is alive today, and is yet to be in the future, one for every creature, every blade of grass, every star, and if there are other inhabited planets, all the living things on those planets as well. Those who choose not to believe in God the creator, who separated spiritual from physical, and who, knowingly, when he separated light from dark, got a devil who would yearn to erase all the creation to get back to the void before time, those unbelievers will not be able to contemplate time and creation this way, and will deny the existence of outside forces in the creation stories.  They do this at their own peril.  Just because you cannot see the spiritual doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  So yes, God created the universe– separated spiritual from physical to give the universe physical laws to abide with.  Then God separated Dark from Light, and in doing so created time, and as a byproduct, the devil.


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