When you think of the void, what comes to mind?  Blackness?  What if it were grey?

What a silly question to ask!  What was in the universe before the big bang?  What color was it?  There was no color because there was no light, but there also was no darkness.  There was no single source of light filtered through water and air.  If you look in Genesis and you start from the depiction of the act of creation from this standpoint, it becomes an answer to all the questions we have about the nature of God.  (Oh NO!  Religious nut!  Return to candy game.)  BUT!   Wait, and hear me out.  Before the world was, God IS.

The 1st thing God did was separate Spiritual and Physical!  The Heavens and the Earth represent that.  That was a cataclysmic act.  God knew that separating the spiritual from the physical would give rise to Satan, but he did it anyway.  The world was still in a void, so the initial separation caused matter to come into being, not a round little globe with cute little continents and stuff.

Then He separated light from darkness.  This was also cataclysmic!  It ripped a hole in the void and replaced it with 2 disparate entities…Light producing and emptiness or dark matter if you want to go to that extreme.  But here’s the one thing people don’t get in Genesis.  In void, there is no breathing, no movement, no reference point, therefore there is no time.  What God did in separating light from dark and spiritual from physical, was to actually SET TIME INTO MOTION!  There was an evening and a morning, and there hadn’t been that before!  People say, well how could it be a day?  1 turn of the earth?  Whose day?  Things would have taken 1000’s of years to accomplish in a day?  Don’t worry about how long the day was!  God created TIME in that instant.

When ever you separate spiritual from physical, that act of creation establishes laws on that physical aspect.  God identified himself with light, so when he separated Light from Darkness, Satan arose.  Light does not naturally occur without a source, but darkness occurs when there is no light source.  What is the natural state then?  BELIEVE IT OR NOT, IT IS VOID, not darkness.  Since void has been replaced with light and dark, those who believe in God align themselves with light.  Satan’s singular efforts go to extinguishing light so there can be void again.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Natural laws tend to go toward void..entropy, and those are contradicted by the complicated and incomprehensible complexity of life…the opposite of entropy.

Water represents the life of a carbon-based life form’s planet.  So God gave the planet life in putting water on it.  Water seems like a very basic element,  Hydrogen and oxygen.  In a gas cloud, there’s hydrogen, where’d the oxygen come from?  Hydrogen–> Helium is just fusion, but hydrogen to oxygen?  That would take many steps.  Then to combine hydrogen and oxygen, there has to be a spark (and a consequent explosion) to unite the 2.  Consider what kind of cataclysmic (there’s that word again) explosion that would have to be to give us a planet where 70% of the surface is covered with the stuff!  How could that occur naturally?  Wouldn’t natural water occur on every planet if it came from the same cloud of gas surrounding a sun?  The ice in the comets isn’t always water is it…Are the gasses surrounding the sun separated by weight and mass to get “rings” of certain materials that eventually become inhabited planets?  Are all the elements that are unnatural to the ring of gasses deposited by comets and flying debris from asteroids and near collisions that blow some of the material out of its normal trajectory to come crashing down on the earth?  And how can an iron core arise from a cloud of gas that also includes hydrogen and oxygen?

So to those of you who believe there is no God because God would have had to create evil and the devil and can therefore not be completely good, I say phooey!  To those of you who do not believe there is a devil, would it seem unreasonable that in creating a light source, God removed and separated a dark being that hated the light?

More to come.  mwahahaha

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