Taking steps to attain our heart’s desires

Wouldn’t you love to have a list of things that if you did them in order, everything you wanted would be yours?  Everyone does.  How do you know this?  Look at YouTube and Facebook.  On the side bar, there are multiple ads that mention steps.  The 5 steps to getting healthy, the 10 ways you gain weight, the 16 things men say that drive women crazy, the 6 easy steps to making a million dollars.  If you could just follow these 5,6, 10, 2 thousand steps, you’d be rich, happy, your girlfriend/wife/daughter would love you more, all your heart’s desires would come to pass.  Why don’t we then do these steps?

AHA!  Could it be because we don’t know what our heart’s desires are?  The desires are much more powerful than wants.  I want a garden, I want a new car, I want a boyfriend/girlfriend, I want I want I want…  But it does not inspire you to change your behavior or set a specific set of steps to get what you want.  How then to proceed?

Here are the easy steps!  Hahahaha!  Of Course the steps aren’t easy!  If it were easy, wouldn’t you already have your heart’s desires?

  1. Start with what you want.  Make a list of 3-5 things/conditions/events you want in the next five years. I’d like to make $200,000 a year, drive a new BMW and pay off my daughter’s wedding!
  2. Now ask yourself WHY you want those things.  Ohhhhh….  Well, if I make $200,000, I could build a new house with a kitchen big enough for a double oven for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I like the BMW because it says I am a success.  I want to be seen by my neighbors and friends as someone who’s successful and I like the envy aspect.  I don’t want to say “no” to my daughter when she asks for $4000 worth of flowers and a $3000 limo for her wedding.  Are we done now?
  3. No, not yet.  Now ask yourself why you want THOSE things.  This is getting harder!  If I make $200,000 a year, and I build my new house with my new kitchen with the double oven, then my kids can entertain here and not be embarrassed about the size of the house and I can entertain the book club or my husband’s poker buds and not feel like I’m panicking because I don’t have the room to do what I want.  I can also donate to my charities without wondering if I have to skip paying the phone bill again, and is it the 2nd or 3rd month in a row, and I wonder why my phone hasn’t rung in 3 days…  I think the success issue with the BMW car is that I want to feel valued and envied, like I mean something, like I have something special to offer the world.(That’s deep!) I want my daughter to have beautiful pictures of her wedding and remember the ceremony and the reception as times of joy and fun.  I want her to close her eyes and smell those flowers and see the fun on the faces of her wedding party as they pile into the limo.  I don’t want her life as a married woman to begin with want and making do.  How’s that?
  4. Nice answers on the BMW and the wedding, but you need to dig a little deeper into the $200,000 per year.  Why do you really want the $200,000 per year?  *Silence*  Welllllllll, I imagine that people with $200,000 coming in every year have fewer worries.  What kind of worries? *Silence*  Ummmmm.  Ok, the new house is nice, and the entertaining is nice, and the double ovens would be a dream come true for the holidays.  I am worried that with only a few years before we retire, we won’t be able to have enough money to make ends meet.  What happens if we run out of money after 10 years in retirement?  Do we go back to work in our 70’s?  I’m tired.  I don’t want to go back to work.  Those buggers that say, “I don’t ever want to stop working!  I love my job!  I’d work here for free!” drive me absolutely bonkers.  I want to travel, I want to sleep late.  I want to do Sudoku puzzles in the middle of the day.  I want to play with my grandchildren when I get them.  I want a BIG garden and not to worry if I am too exhausted from working to weed it and take care of it.  I want to enjoy time with my spouse.  I want to take up bee keeping or pinochle or barbershop singing.  I don’t want to worry about my present or my future.  And you believe that $200,000 per year would solve that problem?  I think so.  Do you know where you stand on your finances?  Not really, the finance guy comes over and gives us charts and graphs and says we’re on or off track, then we do what he tells us.  Does he know what worries you and how much you will need to retire on?  I think so… I don’t know.

NOW you know what your heart’s desires are.  Now you know that you need plans to achieve all these goals, And they all are achievable.  Tomorrow, we’ll continue on this journey of steps.

Books to read:  Richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich,  It’s Your Money, ABC’s of Making Money


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