Free Will

Not the whale movie. When I go to church, we follow an agenda.  Welcome, confession, absolution, prayers, offerings, praise, scripture, sermon, more praise and communion, and the blessing.  It’s the same every week, but in Lent, we don’t do some of the chants because it IS Lent. Most people figure they’ll get to heaven because […]

Angels and Demons

I have been watching Supernatural. I like Sam and Dean. They’re good kids. I’m in the season where they try to stop the apocalypse. Silly premise. But it’s fantasy after all. Very entertaining, but part of the thing that is necessary for any good fantasy is the suspension of disbelief. So for the first seasons, […]

Checking the box

I only have 3 more requirements: a district office, 7 more presentations, and a coaching/mentoring/sponsoring position. OK! We can schedule your presentations for the next 3 weeks. Why did you wait so long to do them? I couldn’t get them the way I wanted them. They just didn’t seem right. So, with a year’s notice, […]

Revelation: Dear Lord, Please Heal our Land

What do we need to be healed from? Let’s make a list: Covid Racism/Bigotry Wastefulness Greed Selfishness Hate Impatience As I listed those, you probably thought of at least a 1/2 dozen more. When the Israelites were traveling through the desert, they had plagues, snakes, earthquakes, military attacks, water and food shortages, hate, impatience, greed…OMG […]

Too much No

No, you can’t touch that! No, you can’t say that! No, you can’t eat that! No No No! This is unacceptable! They should be getting POSITIVE feedback! This is what was said in Red Book Magazine: The average toddler hears the word “no” an astonishing 400 times a day, according to experts. That’s not only tiresome for […]

Caught in the Middle

“She what?!” “She did! You should have heard her!” “Holy…How did he take it?” “Not well! This is going to be ugly…” “Where was this?” “At the Restaurant! In front of their friends!” What happened? Who are you talking about? When was this? Don’t you hate coming into the middle of something? It’s like starting […]