Free Will

Not the whale movie. When I go to church, we follow an agenda.  Welcome, confession, absolution, prayers, offerings, praise, scripture, sermon, more praise and communion, and the blessing.  It’s the same every week, but in Lent, we don’t do some of the chants because it IS Lent. Most people figure they’ll get to heaven because […]

Fleeting Wisdom

Isn’t it funny? There will be a week where I dish up something wise to contemplate every day. And now? Everything seems so stupid. Ohh!  This would make a great…no it wouldn’t. It isn’t even interesting. I bet nobody has thought of…of course they have. This isn’t new. It isn’t insightful. Let’s just think deep […]

I got an AWARD! I’ve been Flabbergasted. Ok, that was bad. I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by Dailyflabbergast. See? Goldie writes a compelling and thought-provoking blog that I anxiously await. I am shocked and amazed that I’ve been nominated, and am truly thankful! RULES: Put the award logo on your blog. Answer the questions […]

Wow Translation:  Racism isn’t a bias against someone that doesn’t look like you. It’s not a characterization of a whole group of people based on physical features. It is an institutional memory that raises its ugly head and systematically oppresses a group of people that’s identified as “other” by the predominant culture. If you belonged […]