Taking Steps Toward Leadership–STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Essential tools of the curious.  But the most important things about a person when it comes to hiring practices according to Google weren’t STEM related–those came in last!  What were more important?   “Soft skills: being a good coach; communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others (including others with different […]

Taking (careful) steps…

via Daily Prompt: Messy You see some tension in your office, in your meeting, at the party…Ewwww.  Emotions!  I hate emotions.  They are MESSY!  There aren’t any clean emotions.  With “love” there comes “doubt” “insecurity” “vulnerability” “devotion” “loyalty” and several others.  With “hate” there comes “revenge” “pity” “frustration” “anger” “mercy”…  Each emotion has a positive […]


via Daily Prompt: Above Floating above wind buffeted bird song sun warmed distant sounds of humanity higher floating on the current out of my control so many colors of brown patches of snow tethered to the earth The tether keeps me in the wind cut the string and I fall freedom to is not freedom […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–FIRED!

I’ve been fired.  Multiple times.  Multiple businesses and schools.  Business firings are different than school firings.  You may be “downsized” or laid off.  You might be fired for cause or RIF’ed.  The HR department asks you to step into the conference room where there’s a mahogany table with a very prominent box of Kleenex near […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership –Premonition

via Daily Prompt: Premonition How do Leaders seem to have premonitions?  They see patterns of behavior, of conditions, of surroundings.  They see emotional trends.  When you’re a mom, you know that your oldest child is protective around his playmates.  You can have premonitions of him grabbing a younger child and keeping him from running out […]