Us vs. Them

Think back…centuries ago, millennia ago.  We were once 1 people.  We looked alike; we sounded alike; we all lived in the same community.  The community got too big to sustain and we needed to split off.  No problem.  It was like cell mitosis.  Some of us had to move to greener pastures for the benefit […]

What’s really out there?

Laws of Thermodynamics…Inertia.  If it’s moving, it keeps moving, and if it isn’t, it doesn’t.  The dense dust and gas in the Orion nebula is 600 ATOMS per cubic centimeter.  Would there be enough energy or interaction between atoms to merit a change in behavior of these atoms?  Do these atoms move?  Do they move […]

Leading or writing on leading

I have been writing about Leadership for about 3 years now.  I have examined leaders, examined groups, examined methods of teaching leadership.  I have gotten certified by John Maxwell, have studied Jim Rohn, have gone to workshops, read articles, done experiments.  Billy has also studied leadership to this extent though he’s not certified by Maxwell. […]