Taking Steps Toward Leadership–taking a stand

What is the most vicious, most dangerous weapon in the world?  The mind.  You were expecting that.  Atomic bombs were an application of the mind to a scientific principle that could have brought peace and clean energy to the world.  Rockets were an application of the mind to destruction instead of exploration.  Explosives were an […]

The best…

I am in a competitive speaking group.  We are trying to become good enough to get to international competition and compete with others on this grand scale. You might have read my first attempt…It was silly!  The point of that silly offering was the fact that we have been working with a coach and at […]

Taking Steps Toward Leadership–Misuse of the word “Please”

How can you misuse “Please?!”  Most people will offer a “Thanks” or a “You’re Welcome” or the more popular “No Problem,” but “Please” has to be taught? Parents and Teachers are trying to teach manners and think that teaching “Please and Thank you” are the most basic of expressions of politeness.  “Would you pass the potatoes, […]