Compromised Belief

Now that’s a catchy title!  What happened? It’s stewardship month at my church.  Now by stewardship, we mean managing our time and talents to the best use for spreading the Gospel, but the congregation, and congregations everywhere, sees it as “Put your Money where your Butt is every weekend.”  No, it’s not at the Sports […]


Your reality is not the same as people’s perception of your reality.  And your perception of other people’s reality is not the same as their reality. Confused? What people see of you is partially blinded by incomplete information.  They are not familiar with your world view, all your experiences, your thinking process, your attitude.  All […]

Paradigm Shift

For YEARS, we have been bombarded with the WIIFM model when it comes to recruiting new members to groups or hiring new people.  What’s In It For Me?  We have been PROVIDING the answers to this model for our prospects. Wouldn’t you like to be financially independent and carefree? Wouldn’t you like recognition and freedom […]

Why Martinez?

I’m not questioning Scott Frost’s decisions, I’m wondering how this works. Adrian Martinez is a “true freshman” which is football speak for a kid who just graduated from HS and is 3 months later the quarterback of a nationally recognized college football team with a brand new coach.  From what I understand, his understudy found […]