Free Will

Not the whale movie. When I go to church, we follow an agenda.  Welcome, confession, absolution, prayers, offerings, praise, scripture, sermon, more praise and communion, and the blessing.  It’s the same every week, but in Lent, we don’t do some of the chants because it IS Lent. Most people figure they’ll get to heaven because […]

Civil Discourse

Debate and argument are communications that people use to sort ideas and find truth. Does that sound weird? Debate does require careful listening and thoughtful responses, and its form is discussion without characterization. Argument does NOT mean turning red in the face and throwing things. In fact, one of the definitions of argument is this: […]

Billionaire’s club-what they talk about in their monthly meetings

“Hey, Tony! What’s your portfolio doing?” “T’Challa? Why do you even worry about a portfolio?” “I find it amusing to see how normal billionaires live.” “Shut up.” “Hello Bruce!” “T’Challa.” “You look a bit run down. Are you OK?” “Hmph. So Tony, don’t invest in that new Pharma Company…” “That wouldn’t be insider information would […]

How do you feel today?

When you are working on a project, how do you feel about the project? How do you feel about yourself when you work on it? How do you feel when you’ve finished it? How do you feel if someone or something interrupts you? How do you feel when someone praises you for your accomplishment? How do you feel if someone criticizes you for your results when you did the absolute best you could?


Suppose that I say “If it is not raining, then Daisy is riding her bike.” We can represent this conditional statement as P→Q where P is the statement, “It is not raining” and Q is the statement, “Daisy is riding her bike.” Although it is not a perfect analogy, think of the statement P→Q as being false to mean that I lied and […]

Butterfly wings

You know that old example…The butterfly flaps its wings in China and it starts a hurricane in Texas? You haven’t? My question is this: which butterfly should we be looking at? There are millions upon millions of butterflies. Doesn’t the world make allowances for butterfly flapping and bird flapping, and all the creatures on this […]

Revelation: Church is not a chore.

I screwed up. I brought my kids to church every Sunday. I had them go to Sunday School every week. We prayed before every meal. We did not do the home devotions. I didn’t insist that the kids continue their prayers before they slept. I believe I did talk about my relationship with the Lord, […]