Free Will

Not the whale movie. When I go to church, we follow an agenda.  Welcome, confession, absolution, prayers, offerings, praise, scripture, sermon, more praise and communion, and the blessing.  It’s the same every week, but in Lent, we don’t do some of the chants because it IS Lent. Most people figure they’ll get to heaven because […]

The Too-Big Job

We had a job. It was a monstrous job. It was way too big for us and it was, to say the least, vague.  We had a deadline, and we knew kinda what we wanted to do…broad terms. We went out to get help, and we told our potential employees what we wanted to do. […]

Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross shoes. Really. How can you have a controversy about Betsy Ross Shoes?! Yes, it’s a great tale, and it may or may not be true, but it’s an establishment now. 13 stars in a circle for unity, and 13 stripes. How patriotic! Let’s adopt this symbol for our small neo-nazi group, our white […]


Check out the date…1986. It’s only been 33 years. Sorry about the language. George Carlin is George Carlin. What memes have you seen where people denigrate education? “Forget this Algebra/Geometry/Trig stuff! Teach kids how to balance a checkbook!” Guys, that’s arithmetic. You learn that in 2nd grade. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Statistics are classes taught […]